Hey babes, this is for us from @lekealder (twitter) . The letters are in series… I want to share what I learnt from him in this 2015 and it might be of benefits for some of us.

  • we must learn patience in life. Haste is not the same as progress.
  • Don’t buy into philosophy of marriage as pain, it’s why love must be present.
  • Marriage is not meant to be difficult, if it is, it loses meaning. It’s meant to be full of joy, love, peace and happiness.
  • Being single and lonely is better fare than being trapped and depressed in a loveless marriage.
  • No wise person marries a dream or a wish. You marry the reality in front of you.
  • Manage your expectations in marriage. Be it fashion inclination, socials, sexual congress, spirituality or the like
  • The beginning of a bad marriage is a bad choice of partner
  • Being testy and temperamental will only put off your husband
  • It’s wise to marry someone you share values with. A clash of values will rupture marriage.
  • Marriage is a package…When you marry a man  you marry his history, flaws, character, disposition, capacities and capabilities.
  • Go for a guy who respects you. IT IS IMPORTANT you are respected as a woman… That’s God’s ideal for you
  • When things are beyond us in life, there is only one person who can deliver us – GOD
  • If you are craving for a loving man or relationship, a question to ask yourself is “are you loving”?
  • put effort in your relationship
  • forgive people …forgiveness does not have anything to do with the other party its about you
  • When we refuse tuition we learn from experience
  • Judging the past is an exercise in futility. its a chronicle you can’t edit
  • Don’t compare yourself with others.
  • Hope for the best. God specializes in impossible cases .

I wish you a great year ahead… with love from yours truly,







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