The trend of new diseases and illnesses in African countries most especially Nigeria is increasing, some has cure while the cure of some has not been found. The only sure way to good health is to prevent illness and diseases before their onset, prevention they say; is better than cure!

Basically today I’ll be talking on personal hygiene as a means of preventing diseases and illnesses.

HYGIENE is defines as any application made and any sanitary precaution taken to be protected from the environments that can damage health, it is also the practices of maintaining cleanliness and grooming of the physical body. It includes the practices of regular and thorough washing of one’s hands, one’s hair and the entire body.

According to Yilmaz and Ozkan (2009), hygiene is a personal matter, which everyone should endeavor to practice!


The human body provides protection against external environmental pollutants to some degree. However, skin cracks and wounds can allow pathogens to enter the body. Therefore, keeping a good standard of personal hygiene helps to prevent the development and spread of infections and illnesses and bad odor, boost self-esteem, confidence, positive body image, and motivation.


HAND HYGIENE- This involves handwashing/ cleaning with the use of soap and water or any other disinfectants/antiseptic lotions to remove dirt and microbes in the hand especially after visiting the toilet ( washing hand after defecation will prevent you from diarrhea and typhoid) and after contact with contaminated objects. The substances you can use for proper handwashing includes; soap/detergents, water of a warm temperature, antibacterial/antiseptic lotions, hand sanitizers.

wash thorouhly

steps in handwashing

RESPIRATORY GYGIENE; correct respiratory hygiene and hand hygiene when sneezing and coughing reduces the spread of germs particularly during the cold and flu season.

Make use of tissues/ small towels to catch coughs and sneezes and dispose/ wash them appropriately as soon as possible.

Wash your hand or clean with alcohol based sanitizers.

ORAL CARE/HYGIENE- hmmmm, this is one of the places that cannot be neglected in the body, in fact, the mouth should be washed at least 2 times in a day if not after each meal (becs most of our food contents are sugar, fats and protein that aids the growth and development of microbes). Therefore, the use of mouthwash after each meal is good and less stressful esp for lazy peeps like me lol.

GENITAL CARE/HYGIENE- this has been thoroughly discussed in one of my previous posts here, do check. Pls, after each micturition/urination kindly wash/rinse with tepid water! Don’t douche(women,gilrs,ladies) .

The rest of the hygiene includes; care of the hair/head, body as a whole (having your bath regularly, once or twice can never be over emphasis because it gives us sense of well-being and boost our Morales).

Consequences of poor personal hygiene are numerous but few them are; body odor, diarrhea, typhoid, dental diseases(such as; bad breaths, dental caries and gingivitis), vulva irritation( also known as toilet disease), xerosis (dry skin)

To be cont’d

Prevention is better and cheaper than cure!

With love from my heart,


Yours sincerely,

Adenike (nurse Oladimeji)



Posted by The Sent Nurse Adenike

I am The Sent Nurse,My real name is Adenike Oladmeji. I refer to myself as “the sent nurse” because I strongly believe I have an assignment not just as a regular nurse but to care for people in their lowest state beyond the physical needs. Also most of my patients fondly call me "the sent nurse"because of the way I have cared for them. The peculiarity of my profession for me is that it has moved beyond being just a nurse that takes care of the body, but one that takes care of the soul/mind and spirit of a human being. I care for the threefold man – the body, the soul/mind and the spirit. I am a very proud and enthusiastic registered nurse, and I currently practice with Roding Healthcare in Lagos, Nigeria. Added to my skill and expertise in taking care of your soul / mind, I am also a certified emotional intelligence, health/wellness and life coach. To further carry my message and passion for both my calling/profession and the three-fold man, I own a blog ( that focuses on faith and health related topics and discussions. I also speak at events, conferences and seminars, both Nationwide and Internationally. As an entrepreneur, I manage the operations of Ewaade beauty store (@ewaadebeautystore) , a beauty store that operates majorly via social media, providing quality cosmetics and beauty products to every female of all levels. At Ewaade beauty store, enhancing your true beauty is our goal because we believe there is no flaw in you (you are altogether beautiful). We provide you a balance of the best quality and cheapest prices.

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