take it often
take it often

Hey guys, how have you been? I missed this platform of reaching out for a while, I was completely down with malaria (yes, nurses fall sick too, lol)

I guess you might have been wondering what I mean, well it is cheap and readily available, not expensive at all…. I am referring to WATER!!!

            Water is a liquid substance essential to life and which makes up a large part of the body about 60-70%. There is no way you can do away with water because it is very good for your body to stay healthy… for you to be healthy and good looking, you have to make drinking enough water in a day a habit…

Well, you may think why should I? Let’s look at some of the reasons:

  • Drinking enough water each day helps you to maintain balance of body fluid…water and your bodily fluids helps in digestion, absorption, and circulation, transportation of nutrients and maintenance of body temperature.
  • It can help to control calories especially for obese patients, substituting water for high caloric beverages is certainly helpful in controlling intake of calories.
  • Water energizes muscles, when muscle cells don’t have adequate fluids they don’t do well and our performances may suffer. So take adequate water before and after exercises.
  • Water helps the skin to look good, dehydration makes your skin drier and wrinkled.
  • Enough water intakes maintain adequate digestive function of the bowel thereby preventing constipation.
  • Water helps the kidneys to get rid of toxins and waste products in the body. Body fluid helps in the transportation of waste products in and out of the cells… when you get enough water, urine flows freely, light in color, free from odor! When you take less water, urine is concentrated, dark color and odor becomes concentrated because the kidneys retained some fluids for body functions.
  • If you drink less water, you are at risk of kidney stone (renal calculi) especially in warm climate


With these few points of mine, I hope I`ve being able to convince you that you need enough water to function well and look good!

Drink Enough Water

Keep a bottle of water in your car, at your desk, and in your bag! water is cheap and affordable, it is the best choice of hydration and it`s readily available, MAKE IT YOUR HABIT!

Feel free to ask question, make contributions and share with friends/family!


                                    Yours faithfully,

                                    ADENIKE OLADIMEJI.



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  1. Ayanfejesu

    Thanks so much our yekeable Nurse, is there any limit to the volume of water to drink, so as to avoid taking too much of water and haemodilution or hypervolaemia

    1. There is no overdose of water…you can take it as much as you can but don’t take 10 gallons lol

  2. Nice post@Adenike

    1. Thanks dear @betty

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