Titilayo is in her mid 40’s, she’s pretty, smart and hardworking… As a matter of fact she is one of the executives in the bank she works withwork

Throwback to 25 years ago, Titilayo just graduated from the university as one of the first class students. she is active and passionate about developing her career and join the leagues of the world best Accountant!

Her mother, being a full house wife advised her about getting married first even if she is going to further.She agreed to marry Ademola who was her her best friend during her university days. It was a glorious wedding and the marriage was sweet! until one night when love making  became a pain inflicting exercise to her….  she screamed as her husband thrusts himself on her in the  process of love making, this got Ademola scared and he had to stop and ask what happened?… “lets go to the hospital and get you treated”, Ademola suggested. “noooo, I’ll be fine  honey” she replied!  soon she was relieved of the pain and she went back to sleep…

“..Good morning dear, I’d like you to get dress quickly, inform them at work that you’d be coming a little bit late so we can branch at the clinic this morning, you need to be checked”… Ademola suggested!  “no dear, I am perfectly okay! meanwhile, I will visit clinic when I get to office, don’t worry darling… she replied.

She resumed work and got busy, she managed to visit the clinic but she requested for a strong pain relief and same was given to her. she took a dose out of it  immediately and reserved the rest for later.

she is fine and life continued until she….

to be continued….



  1. king David

    Complete the story.. Am enjoying it

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