rules of exercise to know
Like I said earlier, this month we are going to talk more about obesity and maintaining a healthy body weight.

In my previous posts I talked about obesity (in case you missed it, please read it here) and knowing your calorie limit as an individual  here

I am actually making progress, I lost 1kg already and it’s just a week into my fitness journey although it has not been easy because I love food a lot! Yes, I do.

Weightloss is not solely about avoiding heavy food, you need good exercises. Not just for weightloss, but to stay fit.

If you work an 8 – 5 job just like i do  – that puts you in a condition of sitting all day, you need to consider a time out for exercise because inactivity/lack of physical activities is dangerous to your health.

A Sedentary lifestyle is not good for your body.


  • Poor and rapid weight gain
  • Heart diseases such as high blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Poor aging process (makes you look older than your age)
  • Poor stamina.
  • Death (when diseases and poor aging process takes over)

So you are not only going to slay when you have healthy weight, you are going to also live long and remain active.

Some of the Advantages of exercise/being active physically are:

  • Healthy weight and body fitness
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved mood
  • Lower risk of having some medical conditions, such as we mentioned above.
  • Strong bones and firm muscles thereby improving your shape, strength/stamina.

So as much as it is good to exercise your body, research has shown that too much exercise/activity can also lead to loss of lean muscles, muscle strain/tendon strain or  death, i.e like you already know, too much of everything is not good. Also, excess exercise  can lead to death.

P.S  for the ladies… it can change your look/shape (especially female), you don’t want to look like a beast or like a man with 6 packs (lol).

In the light of these, you may begin to wonder on how often you should exercise and what kind of exercise to do. Here are a few;

(As a beginner, exercising 3 days per week and doing it for as short as 15 minutes  is realistic, safe and effective.You can improve as you go on.)

  • Walking
  • stretching
  • Jogging
  • Running
  • Skipping
  • Climbing (stairs/rock)
  • Lifting (this needs discretion and supervision)

If you would want to ask which of these i have been engaging personally,  I have been climbing the stairs, jumping, walking and stretching. Guess what! I am enjoying every bit of it. Make it fun!

Now, tell me… which exercise have you been doing?  are you enjoying it?  how long have you been doing it and how many minutes do you spend per time?

Exercise this weekend and eat a balanced diet… water, fruits and vegetables.

NB: Don’t drink water immediately after it, catch your breath first! Keep a cube of sugar in your pocket in case of low blood sugar (sudden weakness). On no account should you exercise more than 1 hour!

If you don’t do it frequently, you will not achieve much and you might feel pain whenever you resume. Do it regularly!

Have a pleasant weekend!


Adenike Oladmeji (RN).


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