New year Resolution AGAIN ?

Hey friends, happy new year 2018 πŸ’ƒ

I am glad we made it and I pray that God will keep us till the end of it and beyondπŸ˜‡

OK, so it is new year and people started this “new year, new me” thing again 😱

Like many other people, you might also set new year resolutions and goals . It is okay to set new goals, new resolutions and new rule for the year but if I may ask; did you go by the resolutioms you set at the beginning of 2017? Did you attain your goals for 2017?

If yes, please keep it up πŸ‘

But if not, it is time to reflect and decide whether you’d change your approach or set attainable goals!

What is the essence of resolutions you set and you are not working with?

Resolutions will only remain in the book you write them as long as you don’t take actions towards it consciously .

Friends, you can’t do same thing all over and expect different results.

If you will make the best out of 2018, then you have to do things differently in 2018.

Dare to do it differently this year so you’d end this year with different songs of victory.

Most importantly, except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain they that build…

carry God along this year or aren’t you tired of doing it all by yourself?

As a matter of fact, let God take the lead while you just follow Him diligently!

Above all, I wish you a very healthy 2018😍😘

Have a prosperous and greater 2018


Adenike Oladimeji 


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