Month: January 2018

Do you have back ache?

Guess What!! I had one of the most stressful weekends […]


It is no news again that prevention is better and cheaper than cure…
Prevent it before it comes!

Let it go even though it’s hard!

When people you care about hurts you, you can decide to hold on to anger, resentment and thoughts of revenge — or embrace forgiveness, let it go and move forward.

Stress KILLS. Manage it!

Hey there, thank God it’s Friday (you all know it’s […]

Be sure you are not at risk of Cancer. Know How!

if only you can change your routines to a more healthy ones, you might not visit the doctor in a long while.

Bad health habits and how to break them

bad habits are like cancer, they eat you up gradually… but you can break from them!