Do you have back ache?

Guess What!! I had one of the most stressful weekends you can ever wish not to have. 😂But, the good news is that, my stressful weekend inspired this post... So, I started feeling a serious back ache on Friday night/Saturday, and as a medical personnel, I decided to conduct a research about it. I found out … Continue reading Do you have back ache?


Why Self medication is Dangerous?

Hello there! It has been a while here (and that is because this site is currently under construction). How have you been? If you will ask me, I have been good! just a bit occupied. Gradually, this month is running to an end (just like a dream). Well, I hope you still have the fire … Continue reading Why Self medication is Dangerous?

Stress KILLS. Manage it!

Hey there, thank God it's Friday (you all know it's my favorite day of the week, lol)! Remember what we've been talking about? Let me assure you of something! By the end of this year, you'd sit down to think of the times you've been ill this year and you'd find none/lesser than you used … Continue reading Stress KILLS. Manage it!