Hello! happy new year once again! I hope you are already working on your set goals!  Please tell me you set goals for yourself concerning your health. Because this is the year to take your health seriously.

I wrote a post on the first day of the year, in case you missed it: kindly check it here.

OK! It is a new year,  (I know you already know lol) and one of my goals for the year is to stay healthy as much as I can control. This means less visit to the hospital except for work (as a proud nurse)  and voluntary checkup. You may begin to wonder… Is this really possible? I tell you emphatically, YES! It is very possible.

Did you know that you can live in 2019 in perfect health? Yes, you can! It only takes one thing! You just need to discipline yourself enough to put an end to unhealthy habits that give way for illnesses and diseases to come into your body.

There are a lot of unhealthy habits common in our society, and specifically peculiar to the Nigerian environment, but I have only highlighted a few. (please make sure you search for more). So,  here are some of the bad habits that can put you at the risk of illnesses and diseases;

  • Skipping breakfast: If you live in the hustling busy city of Lagos, you would know for sure that lots of Nigerians skip breakfast. Mainly because they are in a hurry to set out and beat the traffic. But what you don’t know is that if you must skip any meal, it is not advisable to skip your breakfast. I can hear you ask me, Why? Well… I’ll tell you. Your breakfast is the first meal of the day and it is like the fuel to keep you moving all through the day. If you skip it, you probably won’t function as effectively as you ought to for a long time, your blood sugar would get low which means your level of glucose supply to the brain would be reduced and hence the reason why you become sluggish. Again, skipping breakfast means you’d want to make up for it later by eating heavily at your next meal which leads to weight gain… You shouldn’t do meet up! If it means you/your wife have to wake up early please do so. However, there are days you’d get urgent calls and you would have to be on the move as fast as possible, 10 minutes is not too much to have something before leaving! At least have something light. *winks*
  • Fast Food Addiction: Please note that fast food is not totally bad. It is OK  to have it once in a while. There could be times you are really stuck and you need to stay alive and keep moving… You can do fast food. But it becomes an issue when you become addicted to it.  This should not be your regular meal in 2018. They are fattening agents, you gain weight rapidly and eventually obese. Obesity opens the door for different types of medical conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. The sweetening ingredients in most fast foods increase the level of cholesterol in the blood/body, the fatty agents forms plague and impedes the free flow of blood making the heart to work hard excessively leading to increasing BP and later heart failure then death if not properly managed! Rather than managing a disease, it is better to prevent it when it has not come. Try to cook your meal –  less seasoning, no/low fuzzy drinks, cut out late night foods. You can do it by taking deliberate action toward breaking off… Gradually, cut it off!
  •  Inactivity/no exercise: if you are a sedentary worker or your job requires that you stay on a spot to work or stare at the screen of a computer from morning till closing of work per day, you need to cultivate the new habit of exercising per time and daily at every little chance you get. Even if you can’t move away from your desk, there are exercises you can do at work. There is a negative chain reaction of inactivity –  You cannot afford to be inactive because, it can make you add weight, which in turn results to what we discussed above (general body/back/ pain and fatigue)  which can later break your body system down. You can easily break the inactivity habit by setting alarms for times to exercise after sitting for a while. When you have the choice to either trek or board bus/drive… Chose to walk so as to exercise. Inactivity is a bad habit, break it!

I will continue in my next post but before then what other habit do you want to stop in order to stay healthy? Let me know and I could proffer a workable solution. I really look forward to your response! You can share with friends. 

P. S One of the major habits you need to adopt is to eat right. I know it’s quite difficult, understanding the complexities of a Nigerian meal. This is why I have designed a healthy and solid Nigerian meal timetable for you. 

Contact me here to get one!

Have a pleasant weekend


Adenike Oladimeji.

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  1. Seyi

    Thanks for this. I’m one of those who sit at a spot to stare at a screen all day. So I def need to infuse more physical activity into my routine. Thanks a lot

    1. Great, I look forward to hear that you find a way to exercise even within your schedules. Thanks for the comment

  2. Abraham Oluwaseun

    This is very informative. please keep this uThis is very informative. please keep this up

    1. I am glad you like it sir, thanks for the encouragement.

  3. kristin

    nice info ma’am

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