Hey there, thank God it’s Friday (you all know it’s my favorite day of the week, lol)!

Remember what we’ve been talking about? Let me assure you of something! By the end of this year, you’d sit down to think of the times you’ve been ill this year and you’d find none/lesser than you used to! I’m confident about this, if you follow closely every blog post on here.

So,  we are continuing with: breaking unhealthy/bad health habits. In case you missed the first two posts on breaking bad health habits: kindly check it here and here.

In continuation, I’ll like to emphasize that the unhealthy habits makes you worn/stressed out !

I know stress is inevitable, especially if you live in the busy parts of the country (especially we the (lasgidi or lagosians).  Ranging from pressure at work, family/home, traffic, bad roads and every other things that makes you go hard on yourself.  But as inevitable as it may seem, you can manage it! Yes! Your stress can be managed. 

Chronic stress has a way of affecting your overall health. It increases your hormones/cortisol level, and puts you  at risk of heart diseases, increases blood pressure, mood swings etc

For you to effectively deal with chronic stress, you need to break every unhealthy habit. The following are few of the habits and how to break it:

  • NOT GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP:  It is one of the biggest unhealthy habit we all seem to struggle with. Averagely, as a young adult/middle age, you should have at least 6 hours straight sleep and you can go as high as 8 hours daily. Poor sleep affects you all through the day not only will your performance level reduce but it can also interfere with your immune system poorly, it affects your mood, hormone, inability to focus and get things done well. When you are unable to focus/perform well every task will look like pressure/stress to you. In order to break this habit, you can set an alarm healthy for bedtime and avoid distractions( for example, social media, movies or long calls). Social media is one of the enemies of my poor sleep! I need to break that habit too, lol. Another way to tackle poor sleep is by avoiding/reducing caffeine/anything that is capable of keeping the brain and body awake(energy drinks) when it is close to bedtime. Having a good shower after the whole day and maintain low/dim light in the bedroom enhances your sleep too.
  • SKIPPING BREAKFAST: This cannot be overemphasized, if you do not eat breakfast, you could be worn out real quick ! You can read more about this here.
  • NOT DRINKING ENOUGH WATER:  We all know that one could survive few days without food but not with water! Take water well in order to stay active and refreshed… Food and Water are basically not negotiable.
  • WEARING BAD SHOES: Yes, you heard me right! high heels and extremely tight shoes are not good for anything than to improve your appearance, they are not totally healthy. It makes your muscles  work harder,  leading to back pain, leg pain and even tearing of the bottom of the foot(a condition known as fascitis). you can break this by choosing the right shoe size, keeping your heels in the bag till you get to office/occasions before wearing them or better still save it for your presentation/meeting time!
  • GETTING WORKED UP OVER SMALL THINGS: Really, I used to be like this. I could even shout at every little thing that goes wrong but I am really breaking this habit. In order to break this habit, you need to be able to decipher between the things that really matter and the things that seem to be important but is not. Getting over mistakes ASAP ( mistake is inevitable and no one is above it), Don’t sweat over the things that don’t  work out for long.  Learn from it and move on! keep the bigger picture in mind even when things are not going as planned.
  • NOT MAKING OUT TIME TO RELIEF STRESS/RELAX: I don’t know if you have noticed, you tend to come down with malaria when you are stressed… it is because stress reduces your  immunity. So,  take the time out to relax; do whatever makes you relax, whatever makes you happy. For me, I watch movies, listen to music, cook, eat, read/write, I shower once I get home, Exercise, meditate, Laugh( woli agba is my favorite comedian, I’d just open my IG and watch him) . Laughing especially relaxes your muscles, lowers BP and cortisol level. Then make sure you are positive in mind,  Be positive ( see the good in every situation, there is always something to be thankful for).

Let me know about your own stress management tips, I mentioned mine in the above article. I really look forward to contributions/questions from you and if you find this helpful, kindly share with friends/family.

Do not forget, you can talk to me about anything


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  1. Shola

    Enough rest: if someone is addicted to vigil,what is the implication

    1. Vigil is not contraindicated but one should try as much as possible to make up for it by finding time to sleep later.

      Prolong sleep deprivation is harmful to the body

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