The balance between faith and health

Hello there, I really hope you are in good health just as I am (smiles)

Well, it is Wellness Wednesday here, and I decided to share this with you…

February the 4th was World Cancer Day , and I wrote a post about cancer, in case you missed it, kindly check it here

I broadcasted the post to my WhatsApp contacts and wrote thus; “cancer is deadly and it doesn’t know boundary, it is not a respecter of person neither does it know spirituality, everyone is at risk except if some lifestyle changes are made”. In response, one of my contacts said this; “spirituality is the best, God is faith, don’t make God angry”.  I froze when I read this. You needed to see the way my eyes were rolling  uncontrollably (lol).

So, that conversation brought about this post. Spirituality / faith is good (For the record, note that I believe in God, I believe in the supernatural and the exercising of faith). However, spirituality is not an excuse to abandon the needful when it comes to your health. Spirituality is not an excuse for being irresponsible /reckless about your health. Being spiritual doesn’t rule out the fact that you need to play your part by doing the needful/adjusting your lifestyle to a healthier one, such as:

  • Eating right(balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables)
  • Staying hydrated (by drinking water well)
  • Sleeping well (at least 6-8hours)
  • Regular exercise
  • Regular screening
  • Good personal and environmental hygiene
  • Maintaining healthy weight ( this is very Important)
  • Getting appropriate vaccination (such as HPV for women to reduce the risk of cervical cancer)
  • Seeking professional medical attention when you notice any abnormal changes/feeling
  • Avoidance of drug abuse/self medication

I believe that Spirituality can keep you at a perfect health because, if you claim to be spiritual, the Holy Spirit teaches all things and He reminds us of all things. So, if you have the Holy Spirit, He will tell you that you should eat right and live a healthy lifestyle. Spirituality is not an excuse to kill yourself ignorantly! God has empowered you to live a healthy life, you have a part to play by following the prescriptions for a healthy and quality life.

Let me ask……. what do you think about this?

Do you think prayer/fasting alone can keep one healthy? What does using faith to stay healthy mean to you?

Kindly share with me, I hope to hear from you!


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Lots of love,

Adenike Oladimeji

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5 Thoughts to “The Balance – Health and Faith.”

  1. You hit the nail on the head darling. I keep telling people, be your health manager. Faith without work is dead. People need to take responsibility and stop sending God errand that they can do themselves. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for checking and reading ma… The way people just abandon the needful because they feel faith will keep them healthy is just alarming.

  2. This is awesome, you are the messeiah that God sent to the world to enlight his people about their health…keep it up ma, God will continue to strengthen you with wisdom and understanfing

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