Happy weekend guys and ladies!

I know I have been MIA for a while now but you can blame that on my too many activities(ranging from my 8-5pm job to my beauty store, professional and academic exams).  I hope to do better by next Month!

Meanwhile, I know I am not the only person doing so many things at the same time and I decided to talk about managing all without breaking down as a result of stress.

For me, some weekends are basically free( because I go to my 8-5pm during the weekdays only) and I always look forward to the weekend, as a matter of fact when it is Thursday I am happy!  So if you are like me with free weekends, here are the things I have on my to do list for the weekend in order to maintain good health and remain productive in all my activities;

  1. Have quality 8 hours long sleep: Plan this ahead from Friday evening, finish all your office work, business transactions that could wake you up too early on Saturday. I do this, I make sure all orders( from my beauty store) are sent out on Friday or inform customers that it would be delivered by Saturday evening to avoid sleep disturbance. If you are married with kids/spouse that you have to take care of, you might want to put things in place on Friday night. Why do you need to sleep for 8 hours? You can read it here, sleep is a not just to derive pleasure or lazy around (click on the link)
  2. Exercise: you really don’t have to go to a gym before you can do this, you can stretch when you wake up, play music and dance to it, jump, jog use the skipping rope, do some sit up… it doesn’t matter whether you are trying to lose weight or not, it helps to straighten your  muscles, revitalizes you, and keep you fit! If you are a Christian, do not miss the praise and worship session, make sure you dance well!
  3.  Eat balanced meals: I know a lot of people (especially in Lagos) eat whatever comes their way during the week because they are always on the move and they hardly get time to make a proper meal… For such people, the weekend is an opportunity to prepare your meal by yourself and make it balance with lots of fruits, vegetables and water.
  4. Do some cleaning: personally,  I don’t do any major cleaning during the week apart from washing my dishes/pots and wash (lol). So, the weekend is a time to sweep the nooks and cranny of my room, do my laundry, arrange the wardrobe that I scattered during the week. For guys, if you have a car do the washing by yourself.
  5. Give yourself some treat: As for me, I do my facial scrubbing (I use cosmetics almost every day in a week) so I treat my face, get some massage (whether machine or human massage)
  6. Attend Owambe: I am not a party person but few weekends are not meant to be spent doing same routines, you can go to parties when you really have to, the food, the dance, the entertainment and different scenes to view at the party are necessary sometimes
  7. Play Games/ watch movies that can make you laugh out loud (for me, Yoruba movies/comedy is a goal).
  8.  Visit friends/accommodate family/friends, for me hanging out with friends/families is a great way to relieve pressure
  9. Go to Church/do your prayers if you are a Muslim(some people don’t participate in any religious activity during the week) so the weekend is a great time
  10. Prepare your soup/food for the week
  11. Prepare for the week ahead, iron clothes, clean your shoes, arrange your bag, set your alarm.
  12. Sleep Early so that you can sleep for a long time, start the week with great energy and be productive.

So those are the things I manage to do some weekends, what are your weekend routine?

Kindly share with me, I am ready to learn new things! Or lemme know if we have a similar routine.

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Adenike Oladimeji.

4 Thoughts to “Whats on your to-do list this weekend ?”

  1. Love this! I’m a new blogger, please check it out if you have time! x

    1. Welcome on board, I hope you’d be more consistent than I am.

  2. Bolanle

    Thank you so much for this, I need this to do list because sometimes I enter the weekend and resume back to work tired! this a great guide. Thanks my Nurse

    1. Thank you Bolanle, I am glad you liked it

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