Get to Know Adenike
About Me

Get to Know Adenike

Hi, I am Adenike Olakunle, also known as The Sent Nurse. I exist to help young and ambitious people achieve an ever-increasing level of success and fulfillment in their career finance and overall well-being.

"I figured I don’t have to do just one thing because I can do well in more than one thing"

And I Am Good At Them
I enjoy doing a lot of things

And I Am Good At Them

Do you need someone to help you tap into your full potential, define and achieve your desired goals?

Don’t look further, Adenike (The Goal-crusher guru) is your best plug!

Adenike is a Registered Nurse. She also owns certifications in Life Coaching, Neuro-linguistic programming, Emotional freedom technique‘s and Matrix Are-imprinting, Emotional Intelligence, and Mental Health first aid, to mention a few.

Adenike offers a wide range of programs and services from one-on-one coaching to therapy, keynote speaking, health education and online training on personal and professional development.

In the last few years, she has trained about 50 Nurses on Emotional intelligence and she has been able to guide about 200 people to set achievable goals, overcome their obstacles, keep them accountable till they achieve their goals through her Result-centred Transformational Life coaching and healthcare services.

Need help to discover who you want to be and what you want to do to get fulfilled?