the sent nurse

Adenike Olakunle (Nee Oladimeji) is a Registered Nurse, Certified life and personal development coach, Author, and an Entrepreneur.


Growing up, Adenike was passionate about so many things, she was not only a dreamer but also a doer and a go-getter right from childhood.

She learnt to do so many things for herself because there was no father figure in her life and she is the first child of a single mother.

I have dabbled into so many things because I hadn’t figure out what exactly I want to do and what exactly my potential is.

About me, the sent nurse

I didn’t know who I was but I knew I enjoyed doing a lot of things and I was good at about 95% of them.

So many years later, I figured I don’t have to do just one thing because I can do well in more than one thing and I believe I can do all things through the strength, talent and power God has given me.

I started out by becoming a Registered Nurse with a special interest in Mental health

Then, I started my writing journey towards the end of the Nursing school

After a few months of practising Nursing by the bedside, I decided to study human emotions and how it affects the quality of life and I became a certified Emotional Intelligence coach

The hunger to help humans beyond modern medicine and Nursing skills grew stronger and I decided to go for a life coaching certification course and I started wearing the hat of a Life coach with a special interest in health/fitness, personal development, career advancement and achievement coaching

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