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Ok so I wrote about Obesity last weekend, in case you missed it kindly check it here

Since one of the ways we add weight is through excessive intake of food that contains calorie, I decided to write about calorie and the amount we should take per day/meal.

If you want to know more, definitely keep reading.


In a simple term, calories are the units of energy consumption through eating and drinking, and the amount of energy used through physical activity. Although calorie is not just related to food/drinks only, I am going to be talking basically about calories in relation to food/drink and the way our body uses the energy only in this post.

It is no longer news that: the human body needs some amount of energy/calories to function and the ways we can get the needed calories/energy  is via food and drink, we all know that we can only survive few days without food and water/drink.


The amount of calories we need differs from person to person, not everyone needs the same amount of calories per day.  Our ideal calorie consumption depends on several factors, including our:

  • overall general health
  • physical activity demands
  • lifestyle
  • Sex
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Shape

For example a healthy man/woman who eats balanced diet:

A man needs around 10,500kJ (2,500kcal) a day to maintain his weight.

For a woman, it is around 8,400kJ (2,000kcal) a day to maintain a healthy weight.

According to NHS to maintain a healthy weight, you need to balance the amount of calories you consume through food and drink with the amount of calories you burn through physical activity.

To lose weight in a healthy way, you need to use more energy than you consume by eating a healthy, balanced diet with fewer calories while increasing your physical activity.

But as much as we need calories, we only some certain amount to maintain good health as too low or too much of calories can predispose us to some medical condition.

It has been discovered that factors such as how you eat your food can influence how many calories get into your system. The longer you chew your food, the more calories the body retains.

Also, I found out an APP/ website to track and calculate my daily intake.

I updated my age, current weight and height, my goal(the weight I want to lose) and it calculated my daily calorie for me.

You can either download MyfitnessPal (on Google Playstore) or visit

With the App/website you can monitor your calorie intake, maintain your weight, and lose/gain weight as long as you are faithful to yourself.

I am on a weight loss journey, if you will like to shed some/little weight you can drop your email address… let’s do it together.

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