Another reason for failure to achieve your goal?



PMS is a BITCH! Don't let it stop your shine. Hi people, I hope you are grinding your goals already? I mean, the year is basically running as if someone is chasing? January is literally ending, lol! So I once had a friend whose one and the only sickness is PMS... yes, she doesn't suffer … Continue reading DON’T LET IT HINDER YOU

Have you ever considered the Blue Pill?

Some have even tried prescribed remedies like food, physical exercise, pelvic floor exercises, therapies and the likes. The use of local medicines from natural boiled leaves, herbs and shrubs have reportedly been potent in guaranteeing prolonged and satisfying sexual performance by men.

Steps to maintain good health

Happy new month people( I hope that's not late?), I have missed writing to you 😚 I made a video recently, I decided to upload it last week(on my blog) about checking your blood pressure even as a young adult, in case you have not seen it, kindly check it here πŸ™ OK! A lot … Continue reading Steps to maintain good health