Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.-OW It is not a new you if the same bad old habits are still intact in the new year. read the full post here;


Have you ever considered the Blue Pill?

Some have even tried prescribed remedies like food, physical exercise, pelvic floor exercises, therapies and the likes. The use of local medicines from natural boiled leaves, herbs and shrubs have reportedly been potent in guaranteeing prolonged and satisfying sexual performance by men.

Steps to maintain good health

Happy new month people( I hope that's not late?), I have missed writing to you 😚 I made a video recently, I decided to upload it last week(on my blog) about checking your blood pressure even as a young adult, in case you have not seen it, kindly check it here 🙏 OK! A lot … Continue reading Steps to maintain good health


If I may ask, why do you eat whenever you eat? For a while, whenever I eat, I am eating to quench hunger, satisfy my cravings, trying to get strength and keep moving … I can bet these are similar to your reasons too (lol). While those reasons are not bad reasons to eat, that’s … Continue reading YOUR DIET AND YOUR MENTAL WELLBEING

My encounter with Lade Pt 1

I met Lade about 6 months ago while on duty, she walked into the clinic and courteously asked that I see her outside. In my nursing practice experience, I have figured that anytime a lady asks to see me outside the clinic, it is usually something related to sexually transmitted infection or urinary tract infection. … Continue reading My encounter with Lade Pt 1