Hello lovers, Just like the person that nominated me, I am super excited about this nomination. InspiritByGrace nominated me for “The Mystery Blogger Award”…. I am literally dancing 💃 (lol) Here are the rules of the award: Put the award logo/image on your blog’. List the rules Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link … Continue reading THE MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD


Stress KILLS. Manage it!

Hey there, thank God it's Friday (you all know it's my favorite day of the week, lol)! Remember what we've been talking about? Let me assure you of something! By the end of this year, you'd sit down to think of the times you've been ill this year and you'd find none/lesser than you used … Continue reading Stress KILLS. Manage it!

Why should you read my blog???

Hi, my name is Adenike Oladimeji I am in my twenties, I am a registered christian Nurse!!! Why should you read my blog really??? 1. Because I have been a patient and I know what it means to have illnesses/disease going in and out of hospitals or wishing/praying for a miracle!!! When I was much … Continue reading Why should you read my blog???


Truth is bitter but the bible made it clear that “A man who flatters his neighbor spreads a net for his feet, PROVERBS 29:5”
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I am not someone with a lot of friends but as you would expect I have met a lot of people in my few years on earth. Many have gone as quickly as they arrived, many knew they would leave but decided to take their time while a few have stayed through the years.
In meeting and knowing people I have come to realise that one of the most important thing that keeps the bond is the LIPS. It could be the first peck, the last kiss or the parting of the lips for the release of memorable words. I would pick the lips as a release of words and share some my monthly experiences of how the lips can be unjust.

INJUSTICE 1: LET ME LIE ABOUT HER LOOKS. Sometime in January I ran into a friend at the supermarket, I wasn’t looking my best I knew it…

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Titilayo woke up one morning with a strong abdominal cramp, she got up, she remembered that her menstrual shed was going to commence today but she wondered why she was experiencing the pain. but because she was going for a meeting scheduled for that morning, she grabbed the remaining pain relief  in her bag, she … Continue reading LITTLE THINGS COUNT pt2


Titilayo is in her mid 40's, she's pretty, smart and hardworking... As a matter of fact she is one of the executives in the bank she works with Throwback to 25 years ago, Titilayo just graduated from the university as one of the first class students. she is active and passionate about developing her career … Continue reading LITTLE THINGS COUNT


hello guys, how are you doing? I have being good! I have missed writing/ posting , reading and replying comments. I really do not have any excuse but my system (laptop) was misbehaving. the good news is that i am back! I am going to be telling you the story of a young lady whose … Continue reading LITTLE THINGS COUNT


Hello ladies and gents, how has your week been? Mine has been great though I was a little bit down with stress and malaria but I am back and better Over time I have met people who really do not believe that they can do some things, people who believe that some things are impossible … Continue reading WHAT IS YOUR PERCEPTION OF YOU?