Hey girls, not all products are safe! I am not telling you this to scare you off or spoil the market for brands but because cosmetics are poorly regulated and commonly made from untested chemicals. Producers could use almost any ingredient they choose. As a matter of fact, claims like “gentle “and “natural “could be mere adjectives for advertisement hype.

So let’s look at few again and we continue in subsequent posts:

ISONONYL ISONONANOATE- it is an emollient/skin softening agent present naturally in cocoa oil and lavender. It has been declared safe by the cosmetics ingredient Review Expert Panel. So if you see it in any of your skin care products use it but with caution…

HDI/TRIMETHYLOL HEXYLLACTONE CROSSPOLYMER: No wonder almost all primer and foundation has it!  It is an anti caking agent in most lotions, primers and foundation. It has low hazard concern so it is safe for use when used in a minimal proportion. It is not related to cancer risk.

SILICA/SILICA DIMETHYLSILYLATE: This is usually found in many skin/hair care products. It is used to make the skin/hair supple and to prevent brittleness. They are also used as anti caking agents in cosmetics such as: primer, foundation or powder. It is safe and does not pose a risk to cancer.

To avoid having a long boring post, I will stop here and continue in the next post!

If you have any ingredient(s) of concern, kindly drop them in the comment section, I will review and post my findings.

Have a truly restful weekend and give your face a break by avoiding heavy make-up this weekend if you don’t really need it.

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