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It’s my last post for the year and I hope you benefit from it.

I’m sure we all know what masturbation is but in case it sounds as if you don’t know what it is, MASTURBATION is also known as SELF-SERVICE i.e when a person touches his/her  own sex organs to have pleasure, it often result in orgasm. it may be done alone or with another person.

As pleasurable as it may be, there are alot of disadvantages/ damages it could come, these are some of the dangers of masturbation;

  1. it makes you weak, you spend much calories and energy
  2. it creates nervousness and neurological problems
  3. for females, it causes infection
  4. also, for female it causes infertility and weakens the womb( the woman will  not be able to carry baby to term)
  5. it predisposes  the woman to cervical cancer and any other cancer
  6. it can make a woman lose her virginity
  7. masturbation is the major cause of erectile dysfunction in men
  8. it makes you become an addict (you can’t  control it)
  9. it affect you psychologically; it creates depression after expulsion
  10. it causes stress and strain on your mind and soul
  11. it is the main cause of premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse for men and that leads to dissatisfaction to you and your partner
  12. it reduces your sperm count
  13. it reduces your self respect and reduces your values for other because you can satisfy yourself
  14. the pleasure does not last
  15. Masturbation weakens hormone responsible in the production of sperms
  16. it makes the male sex organ to develop too many veins which makes the penis unattractive
  17. it induces homosexuality in school, hostels, and colleges

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