Do you have back ache?

Do you have back ache?

Guess What!! I had one of the most stressful weekends you can ever wish not to have. 😂But, the good news is that, my stressful weekend inspired this post…

So, I started feeling a serious back ache on Friday night/Saturday, and as a medical personnel, I decided to conduct a research about it. I found out that we all have bad habits that causes low back pain/mid back pain for us.

Here are a few of them;

  1. Bad seat: Any chair that doesn’t provide a good back support , adjustable backrest and armrest is likely to cause you a low back pain. So, one of the changes you can make, would be to  get yourself a seat with backrest, armrest, lumbar support and wheels.
  2. Carrying heavy bags: Overloading your handbag, backpacks/briefcase is another major contributing factor. Travel light when you do not really have to carry all the luggage. Do not overload your bags/briefcase
  3. Slouching/prolong sitting or prolong standing: I’m so guilty of this… I could be so carried away when sitting to the point of assuming postures that leads to back pain. Avoid sitting for long in order to prevent slouching too, do not stand on a long queue that would make you stand for over 30mins. Secure your space and sit.
  4. Not sleeping in alignment: I know you would want to ask me(who knows what position they are sleeping while in deep sleep?). well when you are aware try as much as possible to sleep in alignment by laying on your side with your knees bent and pulled slightly towards your chest. Use a pillow that keeps your head level with your spine(do not use a too high pillow) and sleep on a firm mattress(this is 💯).
  5. Poor driving posture: People assume different postures when driving especially those who are shorter (no insult meant). They raise their neck, push in their back and all sort… With that back pain is almost inevitable. In order to rule out back pain as a result of driving, drive with your back in mind at all times. That is; sit with your back in your seat, you can put soft cushion and take breaks when you can(in case of long driving).
  6. Stretching: Many people are so lazy, they will be on their sit while trying to take something they could easily stand up to take. If you can’t stand up all the time, then arrange your things within your reach(where you don’t have to stretch)

I know I am guilty of few of these…

Tell me the ones you are guilty of? I look forward to reading from you. Also,let me know if this is helpful!

Please show some love to your back by making necessary adjustment!

Have a pleasant week

Lots of love,

Adenike Oladimeji

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