Hey guys, how have you been? I’ve been fine and quite occupied. Well, this is what I have been up to:
There is something about your past that is for your future…
You went through/still going through some things/stages/processes so that you can extract some vital information/meet some people or acquire some skills necessary for the fulfillment of your purpose (the master’s original reason for creating you).
Taking MOSES (the book of EXODUS) and DAVID (using PSALMS 78:70-72) as the case study. Moses was conceived and given birth to against all odds (every Sunday school student should be familiar with the story).
• Brought up at the palace of Pharaoh as a prince (EXODUS 2) , he would have been thought the way a leader should behave , how to handle situations, how to fight because then, kings go to war…he must have been thought how to kill an adversary being a warrior.
• He committed murder (killed one Egyptian when settling a quarrel, EXODUS2:12) so that he could have a reason to flee to another land (for the next phase of his making processes). Imagine if he did not kill, he would have remained in Egypt where he would have married an Egyptian woman and his father in-law would have been an Egyptian which will make him entangled with the Egyptians and probably won’t be able to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. He wouldn’t have met Jethro (father in law) who later became his adviser/counselor (EXODUS18:13-16)… Jethro was the one that advised him on delegation, so that he will not wear himself out!!!
• Moses was a shepherd, using the ROD to guide the sheep of his father in law… Moses’ ROD was an ordinary rod until he had an encounter with God… the same ROD he used to guide the sheep was the tool/instrument that God told him to use for series of signs and wonders throughout his period of leadership. Remember the rod was an ordinary rod before the encounter and it became extra ordinary after the encounter! ALL you NEED is a LIFE-CHANGING ENCOUNTER… that seemingly odd past lives, pains, hurts and the skills are going to be useful!!!
• David was a shepherd and he was skillful in playing harps… he cared for sheep, fought with wolfs and every wild animals (PSALMS78:70-72) and God took him from feeding the sheep to feed His people. David’s skills announced him!!!
You didn’t pass through those stages for fun, not because you offended God but they are processes required for your making and the time spent for acquiring skills is not a time wasted, it is time profitably invested!!!
Are you in search of your divine purpose?
1. Pray/ ask God ( no one knows a thing better than its creator)
2. Look within (For who knows a man’s thought except their own spirit within them…1corinthians2:11). Check for the things you can do best\
3. Seek counsel (preferably from parents, because each parent ought to have studied their kids when growing up.
I hope this little piece help… feel free to share, like, contribute and comment



  1. If you’ve no encounter with God,
    All you’ll have is ordinary Rod,
    To lead Animals with vision lock.
    Instead of God’s flocks.

  2. You are indeed a nurse! You replaced parent with ‘patient’ towards the end of your piece. #Thanks4TheWord

  3. Time on skills is not wasted,
    It’s a time invested,
    Moving you from here to there,
    And sustain you when you get there

  4. Queen Lizbetty March 16, 2016 at 7:51 pm

    Nice write up……More of God’s grace

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