Happy weekend hunnie,

I hope you had a great week? Mine was splendid and fulfilling because I had privilege to catch babies and spoke life into them being the first contact (happy nurse).

Recently I wrote about reasons you should take water at regular basis, you can check the post here.

Shortly after I posted it, I was having my quiet time and the Holy Spirit came to me saying: if you can prevent dehydration and its complications by taking water frequently, don’t you think you can also prevent spiritual dehydration by taking the word regularly? As water is to the body, so is the word to your spirit…

So I decided to write about SPIRITUAL DEHYDRATION in relation to physical dehydration!

What does it mean to be dehydrated? Oxford dictionary defines dehydration as:

  • The loss or removal of water from something or
  • A harmful reduction in the amount of water in the body!

As we all know the functions/benefits of water in the body, a harmful removal of water will lead to many complications.

Same goes with the word of God, harmful removal of the word in a man’s spirit will definitely lead to fatal complications.

How will you know you are dehydrated both spiritually and physically?

  • Physically, Dry, sticky mouth (leading to bad breath as a result of over growth of microbes in the saliva… spiritually, you won’t have words to say and eventually the word you say becomes harmful to people because “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks- Luke 6:45”
  • Physically, the individual gets tired easily… spiritually, you get tired easily and you may lose interest gradually in the things of God.
  • Physically, severe dehydration brings about dizziness/lightheadedness… spiritually, the man begin to lack ideas (because the word was God and without Him there was nothing made; John 1:1-5 if God is the word, you can’t feed on God and lack ideas!)
  • Decrease or no urinary output…a man that is dehydrated spiritually can’t be purged of the waste products ( urine is a waste product that can’t be used by the body, and spiritually our bad characters and addictions are waste products which we can only flush out of the body by constant/regular intake of the word)
  • Dry skin and sunken eyes… spiritual blindness/change of perception… you don’t get to see things clearly and your appearance becomes dry!
  • Extreme thirst/hunger especially for sweet things… a dehydrated spirit will feel high thirst, will want to hear something sweet and this may lead them to the wrong prophets and all sorts!
  • Finally, in a very severe case, confusion/lethargy/loss of consciousness… the individual will be confused, easily irritable and may lose consciousness/alertness spititually!

How do you think we can prevent SPIRITUAL DEHYDRATION if it’s being caused by lack or irregular intake of the spiritual water “the word”?

Kindly, drop your comments/contributions in the comment box….

I really hope to hear from you



                                                                                                Adenike Oladimeji…

                                                                                    I am a nurse and I care for the total man…

                                                                                                (spirit, soul and body).






  1. Hello, thanks for this great piece!
    If regular intake of water can prevent dehydration then regular intake of the word is the prevention of dehydration #mytot

  2. Adenike, I thank God for you

  3. It’s an amazing one. I’m loving it! Hope to see more of this.
    The Lord is your strength dearie.

  4. Thanks for d word

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