Hey! It has been a very long while (busy schedule, forgot password). Hope you are doing great? Well, I just thought of dropping this.

I don’t know if you have ever created something, at least you have cooked or boiled water before, for what purpose(s)? If you can’t make a thing without purpose, so is God!

You were made for a reason, even though you came to this world naked, you were not empty!

There is a problem only YOU can solve- that’s your PURPOSE ( God designed you for it)

If you die today, what will you be remembered for? IMPACT your world! If there is nothing good to remember you for after you’ve gone, then you have not lived, youn only spent a time in life!

Note that you can only know the purpose of a thing by contacting the manufacturer, God is your maker: contact Him to know your purpose!

Yeah, there will be attacks on the road to fulfilling purpose (remember you can’t be attacked if you are empty because thieves don’t attack an empty house)! Keep on moving if you are on track already!

Have a great week



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