An Exciting Offer for You

An Exciting Offer for You


I hope you’re finding a way to make the most of this difficult COVID-19 situation and staying safe.

First, thank you for your response to my previous post. I was glad when I saw that you actually checked up on me too. Thank you!

Secondly, I want to tell you about the free and discounted coaching session on the #coachmeplatform

As the lockdown continues, I want to urge you to make use of the opportunity to do something for yourself so that you can come out stronger and better after the war.

Because the truth is that you are never stagnant, you can either deteriorate or get better (you are making that choice either consciously or unconsciously)

Don’t lose your skills due to lockdown, sharpen them, get better and come out stronger when the war is finally over

You can also get Coached through coach me online platform get 2 free sessions and 50% discount on subsequent sessions all through the month of April from either my colleagues or me.

You can do this through this link
Once you are in, chose the web version, you’d create an account and you are in!
After login into the page, you’d see a series of coaches online, just like the flyer above (that’s my page)


Should you have any question, contributions and testimonials,  feel free to drop them in the comment box below.

I love you and I wish to see you at the top

Adenike Olakunle (@thesentnurse on IG/Twitter)
Transformational life/peak performance Coach

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