Hey sweeties, trust you’ve all been good! I’m doing great too(thanks for asking *winks)….
I don’t know if you have ever thought of it before? Well, here is one of my thoughts inspired by a story in the bible.
For a long time I used to think of what really keeps a man or what makes a man stay glued to a woman? For some time I thought a good physique and a sexy/hot body will do the magic and I reduced my meal, did work outs but mehn it didn’t work!
At a point, I thought hot sex will make him man stay( I AM BEING REAL HERE) and I tried even when sex was not convenient /sweet, even when I knew it was a sin( because my body is the temple of God), yet several relationships failed! Even if you give it to a man hot, it doesn’t keep them it will only take some time to let go and that’s when he meets a very bad girl again.
Again I thought having a baby for a man will make him stay, but then my eyes were opened to see single mothers around without a responsible man to care for them and their babies!
Then, my quest on how to keep a man continues until I studied Jacob, Leah and Racheal ( the book of Genesis29:15-35)
Jacob saw Racheal and loved her to the extent of serving her father for 7 years to have Racheal, in fact the 7 yrs looked like 7 days to him just becs he was in love…after 7 yrs he was betrayed by his father in-law who gave him Leah instead of Racheal… Jacob SLEPT with Leah( on wedding night, thinking it was Racheal) and he was not satisfied, He had to serve another 7 yrs to have Racheal , after the 7 yrs he slept with Racheal and his love for Racheal increased after the SEX!
Leah thought having heirs/sons for Jacob will make him love her and of course God was on her side, she was very productive while Racheal was barren buh nah Jacob loved Racheal to the point of death and even after death….
If sex could keep a man, prostitutes should be happily married but we know most ain’t!
In my own view/thought…SEX/BABY doesn’t keep a man except the man loves you and the man wants to be kept!!!
Lemme know what you think on this… what really keeps a man?
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Oladimeji Adenike


  1. The only thing that keeps a man is in his own heart. No one knows except him, just like they say ‘beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’.

  2. What keeps a man? hmmmm….. nothing one does can keep a man. Only when a man is determined to stay he’ll stay..

  3. Hmmm… that’s quite true

  4. Delilah! She betrayed Samson but he loved her very much! What made him love her? It couldn’t have been sex because Samson had had it before. He had gotten up from the bed of the prostitute in Gaza. So what made him love her? Well… She must have known that men all have a little boy inside of them. They started out their lives with us women. We cared for then nurtured them and kept them safe. Now, Delilah gave Samson a place to rest his head. She stroked him. He didn’t come home to a woman moaning about everything or questioning him. She was his escape. This one of the things men need. An escape, a place to rest their heads. (Inspired by T.D Jakes) p.s don’t give your precious body to anyone! God created soul ties for just you and your husband.

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