Health loss or Weight loss???

Health loss or Weight loss???

Hi Lovelies! How are you today? And how was your Val? Well… mine went like I presumed (lol) I’ll love to hear how spent yours if you don’t mind.

So, recently I have come across quite a number of people trying to lose weight at all cost even when it is not necessary. It’s like almost everyone wants to lose weight now. And rapidly as well! But beyond unnecessarily losing weight, the methods often adopted promise rapid weight loss, and make it an exciting journey for the newbie. For a while, I felt I was alone in this school of thought until a friend also called my attention to it. So I said to myself, why not write a post on it?

Rapid weight loss (losing more than 1-2 Kg per week) usually takes place at the expense of health and fitness. Some of the adopted methods include Fasting (I call this starving), Taking Diet Pills, Complete elimination of certain food groups, etc. These are not recommended! If you are already on one of these diets, symptoms of the negative effects you may observe include: Headaches (migraines), Rapid or frequent mood swings, Tiredness, Low BP, Constipation, Irregular Menstrual cycle/missed period, Increase stress, Poor/lack of sleep, Gout, Bloodshot eyes, Nausea/vomiting, Scurvy, and Depression. This is not an exhaustive list and you will agree with me that any of these symptoms can affect the quality of your daily life.


1.UNSTABLE RESULTS: When an individual significantly reduces his/her daily calorie intake, the body will try to adjust/survive the rapid reduction and as a result losing excess body fat, water and lean muscle tissue. This produces an obvious result that could be encouraging. However, the results are not sustainable as the body gets used to the rapid reduction and makes adjustments for this by storing more. Even though you were motivated at first due to the initial results, you lose interest and may even quit the entire weight loss program.

2.DECREASED ENERGY: the body needs calories/energy to perform its normal daily activities efficiently and effectively. We all have the standard caloric requirement to carry out our normal activities. This requirement usually varies for individuals based on age/body size and daily activities. So when the calories supplied to the body is consistently less than the minimum requirement, energy levels drop, lethargy sets in and effectiveness reduces.

3.LEAN MUSCLE MASS LOSS: Normally, excess fat is stored in the lean muscles of the body, when there is an extreme starvation/reduced calorie intake, the body begins to burn the stored fat as a means to supply energy. If this persists for a long time, the body will begin to consume the muscle tissues and this leads to a decrease in the individual’s Basal Metabolic Rate, ultimately slowing down the weight loss process and causing weigh gain once you increase calorie intake. Losing lean muscle tissue is totally unhealthy and it is not appropriate for any weight loss program.

4.MALNUTRITION/NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY:Malnutrition occurs when there is a consistent deprivation of the necessary nutrients, vitamins, healthy fats, minerals, complex carbohydrates, amino acids that the body requires to function well. Prolonged malnutrition is often associated with weakened immune system putting one at the risk of some illness/diseases.

5.EATING DISORDERS: Usually, people who are overweight/obese consume more calories than they burn. So in order to lose weight they tend to under-eat ( a medical condition known as anorexia nervosa)… it is totally unhealthy to replace overeating with under-eating in an attempt to lose weight. Some even go to the extent of extreme starvation while others would eat all they want and then induce vomiting (a condition known as bulimia nervosa) in order to purge themselves of the excess food consumed hence they lose weight ( and also lose other vital nutrients).

At this point, I will like to ask you: What is your aim for losing weight? To be slim/pepper dem, or to be fit/healthy?

If your weight loss will lead to health loss, would you still go ahead with it?

Please, tell me why you want to lose weight. Or if you have had a bad weight loss experience, please share with me.

I look forward to your responses…

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  1. Thank you for this Adenike. Very informative

  2. It is my pleasure ma’am… Make sure your daughter eats healthy meal even as she is losing weight.

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