Be sure you are not at risk of Cancer. Know How!


Hey! Do you remember what we discussed the other day, on habits you need to work on? Were you consistent in taking  your breakfast on time,  or did you do meet up at lunch? Please let me know what your experience was, in the comment section.

Incase you are wondering what I’m talking about,  I wrote about bad habits you need to break for you to live a healthy life. You see what you missed? Next time, don’t miss my posts. Lol. Anyways, you can  quickly catch up  here

Did you know the month of January is Cervical cancer awareness month !

If you are male, please don’t tune off. You can simply just share this post to your network of female friends, colleagues and family. After doing that, you’re permitted to tune off. Lol. 

So, my fellow lady, let’s continue… Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in the cells of the cervix  i.e the lower part of the uterus that connects to the vagina. The signs/symptoms may not be noticeable early, until a later stage (and this may have already increased your risk level). However,  some of the symptoms you can watch are:

  • Vaginal bleeding after intercourse, between periods or even after menopause
  • Watery, bloody vaginal discharge that may be heavy and have a foul smell
  • Pelvic pain or pain during intercourse

As you may already know, the cause of cancer has not been fully discovered but there are certain things that can put you  at the risk of developing cancer. Such things are part of the unhealthy habits you  need to break.  For example:

  • Smoking: it has been linked with  several types of cancers. one of the greatest decisions you can take this year is to stop smoking. If you don’t smoke, keep looking straight. Lol. (If you stay around smokers, you may need to change your environment because passive smoking can as well  put you at the risk of cancer).
  • Obesity / Overweight: Like I said, you need to eat healthily.  Make it a habit to have meals that  contain fruits and vegetables and make sure you are active in order to keep fit, check my last post
  • Immunization Deficiency : Every lady of childbearing age should get immunized ( get HPV vaccines). Get immunized.
  • Irregular Screening : In Africa, people are too busy to check on their health subsequently. The only time an average African runs a health check is when down with an illness. Discipline and encourage yourself to always go for checkups regularly.  Getting regular screening would avail you the opportunity of an early detection of cancer, and this is the best you can do to yourself.
  • Multiple sexual partners: Abstinence is the best protection you can have as a single lady but if you are not abstaining, maintain just one and faithful sexual partner… multiple sexual partners puts you  at the risk of cervical cancer!

P. S There is an ongoing cervical cancer screening by Kate Henshaw (check her Instagram handle for full information), it runs all through the Fridays in January. Get checked!

Lots of love

Adenike Oladimeji.





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  1. As a gentleman, I was permitted to tune off… But I didn’t. Very insightful post. Unfortunately I was part of those who didn’t do the things you spoke of in the previous post. I will repent.

  2. Nicely said……there is also vaccine for as a preventive measure for cervical cancer.. It is called “Cervarix” by Gsk.. It is for girls from ages nine years upwards that aren’t sexually active

  3. Well said…..but those who have been sexually active can also benefit from the vaccine only after a cervical screening test depending on its outcome.

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