Tell me you have never had boils and I will say congratulations to you.

While growing up, up until my early twenties, I used to have boils at almost every part of my body and I can tell you how painful and annoying it could be. If you’ve had this experience before, I’m sure you can relate. And if not, you don’t even want to think of it!

Meanwhile, if you’ve had boils before, please let’s gather at the comment section. Tell me what your experience was like, and how you cured it.

Today I will like to give few tips on how you can manage boils at home without having to go to the hospital, yes! If you will like to know more, keep reading.

But in case you don’t know what a boil is, let me give you a brief background .

A Boil is a skin infection usually caused by a bacteria which can gain entrance into the skin as a result of any of these ; poor immune system, diabetes, inadequate nutrient intake, poor hygiene and exposure to harsh chemicals.

The symptoms of boils are: redness, warmth,  hard and painful raised lump at the affected area.

You might develop fever and sometimes get irritable/lose interest in activities.

Boils can appear in any area of your body, but they are commonly found on the face, eyelids,  neck, armpits, shoulders, and buttocks (my bums suffered from several boils, lol) Don’t even imagine it! And don’t laugh!! Lol…

Treating it at home using any of these methods below can be helpful in relieving the symptoms :

  1. Do not try to burst the boil with any sharp object- This may further worsen the effect of the infection.
  2. Apply a warm compress – Soak a wash cloth/small towel in warm water, squeeze the excess out and place the soaked cloth on the boil, or dip the boil inside warm water. This will help to relieve the pain and also aid quick discharge of the boil. Do this repeatedly daily till the boil erupt.
  3. Wash with antibacterial soap – When the boil finally start bringing out pus, wash the site with antibacterial soap ( something like Dettol and co.) to prevent further invasion of microbes.
  4. Apply topical antibiotic cream/ointment- After washing with medicated soap, you can apply ointment (such as Triple antibiotic cream bacitracin, neomycin, and polymyxin B)  to cover the face, protect it from microbial invasion and aid wound healing.

If the above measures are not making any difference, you might need to take oral antibiotics which means you would have to visit your healthcare facility.

However, boils can be prevented just by;

Practicing good personal hygiene, treat any minor wound with care, eat balance diet with fruits and vegetables so as to boost immunity, treat any underlining illness that can impair body’s immune system and wash used beddings in warm water and  disinfect.

Have you used the above methods before? Did it work for you? Kindly drop your comment or questions.

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lots of love.

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  1. Adegbesan Omotunde. E June 16, 2018 at 3:41 am

    Simply outlined & impactful. Keep up the good work dear! I have had furuncles(boil) in the past & obviously, the experience is quite unpleasant. Application of Shea butter & penicillin ointment are also helpful.

  2. Adegbesan, Omotunde. E June 16, 2018 at 11:39 am

    Keep up the good work dear!
    Simply outlined and impactful; i have had furuncles (boil) in the past & obviously, the experience is quite unpleasant. Application of Shea butter or Penicillin ointment are also helpful.

  3. Thanks Nike. This is very richly put up and knowledge enriching. The preventive measures are vital lessons. I still had boil in April but I have learnt from childhood the use of petroleum jelly to attack it upon discovery. It can be applied at any stage of growth, if applied very early it disappears but if at later stage it makes the growth painlessly mature and discharge.

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