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So recently I got requests to give tips on how to treat few medical conditions without the use of pills.
After reading about how resistant we are becoming to Antibiotics, I decided to write about it so as to reduce the rate of drug abuse, self medication and thereby prevent Antibiotics resistance.
I’ll be discussing natural/home remedies for the followings:
 Ulcer
 Cough
 Catarrh
 Diarrhea
 Nausea and vomiting
You can also add to the list, in case there is one or two you’d like me to write about.
Today let’s talk about “Natural/home remedies you can use to treat stomach ulcer”
If you are an ulcer patient and you want to know how you can relief the symptoms of ulcer just keep reading and if you know someone living with chronic stomach ulcer keep reading and share with them.
Ok!burning stomach
In case you don’t know what peptic ulcer is, according to the American Gastroenterology Association, it begins when a weakness in the lining of the stomach or intestines allows acid to create an erosion or sore in the lining. It is the commonest type of stomach disease. It is caused by increase in stomach acid as a result of stress, some medications (such as Aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen), diet, alcohol intake, smoking or bacteria (H Pylori)
The symptoms of ulcer may include any of the followings:
 Chest/heart burn
 Pain around the navel up to breast bone
 Pain when stomach is empty or hungry
 Pain that can sometimes be relieved by eating
 Mid upper back pain
 Chest pain when anxious or stressed

Way out within home settings:
o Small frequent meals all through the day: this will help to relieve symptoms by preventing the digestive system from being completely empty
o Probiotics: probiotics are living bacteria and yeast that provide healthy and important microorganisms to the digestive tract. They are present in most of our common foods, especially fermented food such as buttermilk and yoghurt. This doesn’t only relief symptoms, research has shown that probiotics can help in wiping out H Pylori(the bacteria that causes ulcer).
o Honey: Apart from the sweetness of honey, honey can contain up to 200 elements, including polyphenols and other antioxidants. Use honey as sweeteners, and you can also pick it periodically to sooth your ulcer pain as long as you are not diabetic.
o Garlic: Research has shown that garlic extract can inhibit the growth and spread of H Pylori. You can chew it or add it to food but be careful or seek professional advice if you are on blood thinners because Garlic is a natural good thinner.
o Fruits and vegetables + whole grains and high fiber diet: Fruits, vegetables and rich vitamins has been found to heal ulcer by repairing the damages caused by the bacteria. Drinking Fruits and vegetables such as cabbage and carrots blended together (smoothie) can help to relief symptoms and also hell in the treatment of ulcers. Examples of fruits, vegetables and food that can aid healing of stomach/peptic ulcers includes: berries (blue berries, strawberries, raspberry, blackberries ), flaxseed, dark chocolate, black olives, soybeans, Apple, green teas etc
In order for any of the above to work effectively, you might have to avoid one or more of the following:
 Limit your coffee intake
 Reduce/avoid carbonated drinks
 Chilies/hot peppers
 Processed foods
 Fries
 Acidic foods like citrus (lime,oranges)
 Caffeinated beverages
 Reduce/avoid alcohol intake
Let me know if you have used any of these home remedies before and if it worked for you. Comment , like and share with a friend.

Have a pleasant May!


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