As a performance and achievement coach, one of the struggles I have helped ambitious people like you to overcome is “fear”.  A lot of us are looking for how to become fearless in order to achieve our goals.

What if I tell you that “BECOMING FEARLESS is not REQUIRED”

One of the struggles of ambitious people is FEAR! Talk about fear of the unknown, fear of failure/rejection, fear of success and lots more. As a super-ambitious, go-getter that I am, one of my plights is FEAR!

Many times, this fear is out of uncertainty especially if you are going on the path you’ve never taken or out of self-doubt.

Fear is not a beast, it comes from one of the oldest, most primal parts of your brain that is wired to keep you safe. Fear tries to stop you from making changes because fear perceives change as DEATH/Loss. It is an instinct!

Fear loves to stay status quo, keeping you from the unknown/uncertainty because the KNOWN/CERTAIN feels safe!

How can you overcome your fears?

Since FEAR comes with UNCERTAINTY/UNKNOWN, what do you think the solution will be?

The first way out is getting cleared on what you are diving into! Gain CLARITY
Because: Getting clear on what you are scared of can disable the thicking anxiety bombs

I hosted a live webinar on my youtube channel talking about “Thriving in spite of fear” a few months back, you can watch it for more details.

I help young and ambitious people to thrive in spite of their fears, if you need help hit the comment button and you can send me an email/DM, let’s talk about it.

You can read about my article on how to stay focused and productive as an ambitious person here

What are the ways you’ve been able to deal with your own fears?

Have a truly amazing weekend

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