How To Break Away From Procrastination

How To Break Away From Procrastination

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The past few weeks have been full of activities for me as I just launched my Life Coaching and Health Services business, still working at my 8-5 and going for training.

I realized that many of us desire to attain satisfaction in life. Some of us are praying for it while some of us are wishing for it. One thing I have just discovered is that Satisf-ACTION in the real sense of it means “Enough Action

We need to take enough action to attain the level of satisfaction we desire. So, What is stopping you from getting satisfaction?

PROCRASTINATION! It has stolen the joy of satisfaction of so many people.

Today, I will be discussing the topic; How to break away from procrastination. If you want to know more, keep reading.

Procrastination simply is the act or habit of not starting or finishing important tasks. Sometimes, it could be intentional and other times, it can be involuntary. Procrastination can often make you miss out of important opportunities and may even deprive you of the joy that comes with the achievement of tasks.

How then can you break away from procrastination?

In order to know how to break away from procrastination, we need to first understand the causes of procrastination;

For so many people, Fear of Failure, Fear of Success, Waiting for the Right Time, Perfectionism Streak, and Lack of skills/capability are the reasons for procrastinating.

The good news is this, you can break away and be free from procrastination and start getting things done.

How to break away from procrastination?

You can break away from procrastination by taking these few steps;

  1. Know Yourself– This will help you identify how you feel per time and you will able to recognize the emotion that is associated with your inability to get things done. Some of the emotions that are associated with procrastination are; Fear (of not doing it well), Anger, and sadness. Once you are able to name it, you can deal with it. You can also, neutralize negative thoughts and emotions that may prevent you from taking actions by tackling it with a positive affirmation. For example, if you start thinking that: I can’t do it”, you can say it out loud that ” I can do it, just as I have achieved so and so in the past” (replace the so and so with things you have previously achieved)
  2. Journaling (Write it Down)– Writing a to-do list brings about coherence, it makes it easier for your brain to remember things that need to be done and you can also prioritize. This will also help you tick off the things that you have done and this can come with a feeling of fulfillment/achievement.
  3. Envision yourself doing and accomplishing the task: The saying ” if you can see it, you can have it” is not a lie. Try to imagine the task and how you’d feel when you achieve it, and you will be motivated to swing into action.
  4. Generate actionable steps to carry out the task: This will help you break it down into smaller steps you can take to achieve your set task.
  5. Reward Yourself for every wins: According to Jim Rohn, For every disciplined effort there are multiple rewards. This will motivate you towards taking actions in the future. Reward, in this case, doesn’t have to be something big. It could be going to see a movie after accomplishing a task!
  6. Talk to a Certified Life coach/Therapist: If you have tried the above mentioned without any effect, then it is time to speak to a life coach/therapist. Sometimes, Procrastination is as a result of a deep-rooted unresolved emotional issue and limiting beliefs.

I help people break away from procrastination to the point of taking required action towards satisfaction.

Are you weary of losing out of opportunities due to procrastination?

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