How To Stay focused and be Productive As an Ambitious Person

How To Stay focused and be Productive As an Ambitious Person

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Hi guys, let’s talk about how to stay focused and productive as an ambitious person!

Have you ever been so busy yet, no tangible results to show for it?

Have you ever been distracted by a series of ideas while you are in the middle of a project? Well, I have been distracted several times in the middle of a project due to a series of ideas flying into my mind/head.

As an ambitious person, it is easy to get interrupted by flights of beautiful ideas while you are on a completely different project.

Often times, most people will abandon what they were doing to start the new thing because they don’t want to forget.

This usually leads to a series of abandoned projects, loss of time and momentum.

How can you stay productive despite the interrupting ideas?

  • Have a gathering point: This is where you capture your new ideas/project. The best place to do this in a note (whether digital or physical) but my best bet are the digital notes because they are easily accessible. I make use of the Note pad on my phone and Evernote
  • Schedule a recurring day(in your calendar) to go over your note: This will allow you to process the ideas and take actions regarding them one after the other
  • Process them and act on them (one project at a time)

This way, your beautiful ideas won’t serve as obstacles to your productivity.

It is not enough to be busy at all times, the key thing is staying focused and productive!

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What ways have you been able to handle flights of ideas in the middle of a project? Kindly drop your contributions, like and share this post if you like it.


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