Hello guys, happy new year to you. Today, I am going to share some practical tips to help you stay focused in 2021 till you achieve your personal growth and goal for the year. I know we are already in the middle of the first month (how time flies) and that is why I am writing this post to you. Did you know that about approximately only about 8-10% of people who set goals at the beginning of the year achieve them at the end of that year? which means that 90% of people set goals that they don’t achieve every year. Just like every other year, I know that you have your goals and new year resolution for 2021.

Let me share a few tips that will help you not to get off track in the year;

  1. Visualize your goal:  This may sound like a cliche but it works like magic! If you truly imagine the year 2021 in retrospect, what kind of result did you achieve that made the year a phenomenal year? Imagine it, how did you feel about all your achievements and growth? When you see it and felt it, write it down or represent it with a picture (that’s the concept of a vision board). See it, feel it and you will be able to create it.
  2.  Write the vision down: This will not only serve as a reminder but will also send your subconscious mind on an errand! It gives your mind what to run and work with. Even in the Bible,  “ And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end, it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.
    3. Review Your Goals: Make it a habit to check your progress by reviewing your goals (it could be daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly). Evaluation will help you see how far you have come, what step is working, and which one is not and this will help you make necessary adjustments even before the end of the year. Saving you time, and energy.
    4. Make a list (of things to do and things not to do)- This will help you to maintain your focus and get things that are important to you and your goals done each day. To do list doesn’t have to be very long, you only need to include the most important task of the day! It can be as simple as, I will rest today by sleeping for 8 hours, spend time with my friends, or give my parents a call.
    5. Start each day with prayer/positive affirmation: If you believe that there is a God, pray that He will make your plans successful and if you believe that your world has an impact on your world, start each day creating the things you want to see in your world by speaking it!
    I will be your nudge this year, I won’t let you get off track! I will be doing this by making sure to post on my blog at least fortnightly and you can join my inner circle by signing up for the “Growth and Goal Course”.  This is an online course I created to help you achieve your personal growth and goals this year.

    The highlights of this course are:

    – Procrastination Test and overcoming procrastination
    – Examining and dealing with your fears
    – Mindset and Belief change (helping you overcome limiting beliefs)
    – Clarity of goals and ideas for the new year
    – Life evaluation using the wheel of life
    – Examining the critical areas of life to set goals
    – Examining and establishing behaviours that support your growth and goals
    – Practical goal setting using a workbook (provided)
    – Creating your vision board
    -Creating your positive affirmation

    What else is in it for you?

    In addition to these goodies, you have;
    – Mondly one on one coaching session to review, and readjust your goals/actions for the first quarter of the year
    – You get an accountability partner
    -Free copy of my book
    – a workbook/planner
    -Book recommendation for personal growth
Who is this course for?
If you need extra help to make the year the best year yet, if you desire personal growth, clarity and direction, this course is for you.
You can register for the course by clicking here
Lots of Love
Adenike| Life and Clarity Coach