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I know you must really be tired of me not completing the trend of posts I said I would do in episodes, I am really sorry but I am determined to talk about YOUR DIET AND YOUR MENTAL WELL-BEING  elaborately because mental health is the overall crown of good health and since food/drink/water is an essential part of our daily living, there is need to know what to eat to maintain a healthy mental health and those you have to avoid to stay optimally healthy.

I started a topic in my last post about your diet and your mental well-beingin case you missed it kindly check it out. It is the foundation for today’s blog post!

Today, I want to talk about why you shouldn’t take caffeine or reduce its intake!

I want to assume that we all know what caffeine is? and if you havent seen a raw caffeine, you would have seen it in some food/beverages and drinks such as tea, coffee, chocolate, cola and other energy drinks.  A lot of people know which drink or food they can take when they want to boost their energy, stay alert and work for a long time and the reason is the caffeine.

Caffeine is one of the commonest psychoactive drugs (a stimulant) that we consume on daily basis. When you consume caffeine in any form (whether in food/drink), it get absorbed within 30 minutes and give you  rush of energy which might not last you for more than 3-4 hours (after consumption).

How does this affect your mood/mental well-being ?

The fact that it gives a rush of energy which can make one to be hyper-active and elated  for a period of 3-4 hours, it affects your mood by the time the effect wear off, makes you sluggish and unproductive .

Also, it is addictive and addiction has been identified as a mental disorder according the American Psychiatric Association…

If you find yourself craving for it, or less productive when youve not taken it , or you have to take it because you have a strong feeling to take it or have a withdrawal sypmtoms when you dont take it then you have become dependent on it and you could be addicted.

You can break away from caffeine to maintain a stable mood/energy during the day you can switch to a de-caffeinated coffee/tea/cola/any drink.

have you ever had a mood swing after a period of energy rush (after consuming any drink/food that contain caffeine) ?

Do you feel you are addicted to caffeine  already? Do you wish to speak to someone about it and break loose from it?

Talk to me via mail ( ) or click on the contact icon to talk to me… I am Adenike Oladimeji and I am a certified Mental Health First Aid personnel .

I can also connect you with professionals if there is need for it.

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