I hope you had great 2015? if you think you didn’t gain or achieved anything…still thank God for life because that gives us hope of a better tomorrow.  2015 will be great
I’m a faithful follower of @lekealder on twitter and I learnt few lessons from his letters to both jack and jill.
Here are the lessons I learnt which I think some other people will benefit from.( letter to jack- male|guys|men)

  1. it’s not the beauty of a wife that keeps a man from straying, it’s self-discipline
  2. you need discipline before and after marriage
  3. pray for a woman who cares about you, who sees your success as her success and her success as yours
  4. love is a friendship of the heart
  5. Learn to take responsibility for a natural consequences of your action… Be a man
  6. if you can’t afford the home of your own it just means you’re not ready for marriage… get your own home
  7. don’t marry what you can’t afford
  8. Nothing is as depressive as being locked up for eternity in a marriage with someone you don’t like
  9. if you loose a good woman, go and beg her; woo her back, before another comes to take your place
  10. loving takes effort. Loving is responsibility. Just try, that’s all it takes.
  11. when you want to choose a marriage partner, think of the future not just now and certainly not just for sex.
  12. A bad marriage starts with the wrong choice of partner… not because they are bad people but just bad for each other.
  13. if character can make someone beautiful, a deficiency of it can make someone patently ugly. character is beauty!
  14. you have to become successful before you become successful…lesson learnt from Joseph. he was successful even as a slave!
  15. Tolerating in courtship what you can’t accommodate in marriage is a creative process for pain and anger
  16. manhood is not emotionlessness. It is not a lack of empathy. A man lacking in empathy is psychopathic
  17. if you can’t trust someone don’t marry the someone
  18. Responsibility defines a man , not virility.
  19. As per your wife, if you want to be a man who “hit it first”, the women you hit first , who will marry them?
  20. it is not where you start that matters. it is your determination to keep going, to keep pushing, on the inside of you
  21. will  you be ready for your opportunity when the time comes
  22. your determination to succeed will impact your girlfriend’s love for you…let’s be real

thanks and I hope guys will follow uncle Leke Alder on twitter just to check his letters.

Happy new year in advance… much love from ADENIKE



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