Let it go even though it’s hard!

Let it go even though it’s hard!

Happiest outside in the garden

Happy Sunday great people, how has your day been? Mine has been restful.

I woke up tired and weak so I decided to stream service online and it was awesome. After service, I decided to have my personal quiet time and I got the nudge to share this with someone today.

I have been discussing unhealthy habits, how they affect us and how to break them in my previous posts. In case you missed it kindly check it here.

In continuation, another strong unhealthy habit you have to break this year is not letting go/dwelling on the past/un forgiveness!

Yes, you heard me right!

We have no control over what other people would do to us or their actions towards us but we have control over ourselves( I have control over just me) . Offense is inevitable , people will offend you/yourself and you would offend other people too.

When you are offended, it is not a sin to get angry/show your displeasure. You can cry, scream, do everything that makes you comfortable but in doing all of that protect yourself, the image of other people and your immediate environment. Then, find a way to forgive, let go and move on! If you do not embrace forgiveness,  you might end up being hurt/suffer more than your offender or damage more than what has been damaged already.

Not letting go/unforgiveness is totally unhealthy because of the following reasons;

  • Holding on to anger could be harmful for your heart: bottling up your anger can take serious toll on your physical health. According to an article published by American Heart Association; high levels of anger increases the risk of coronary heart disease especially on older men, it coild also increase one’s BP.
  • It affects your mental health; Anger has a way of increasing ones anxiety, depression and stress .
  • It could put you at risk of type 2 diabetes: According to a post by National Health institute; anger could potentially lead to diabetes through risky health behaviors such as smoking, excessive/high calorie intake.
  • It makes you lose valuable and enriching connection with others: you won’t be able to relate well with people or give/receive love. It may ruin your next relationship/business with people.
  • It deprives you of the joy that comes with the moment: you would be so lost in anger and bitterness dwelling on what didn’t work to the point that you miss out of every happiness that comes with the moment.
  • Lost of spiritual connection: both dominant religion preaches forgiveness as a precursor for acceptable service to our maker ( according to Mark 11:25 “when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone/even yourself, forgive them/yourself so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins” )

Holding on to the past has no real benefit at all, it only holds you back from achieving your true potential. Guess what? The antidote is Forgiveness/letting go!

Let us Bear with one another, forgive one another and if you have any grievance against someone, forgive as the Lord forgave you- colosians3:13.

As you go to bed, decide to let it all go and start afresh even if it is not easy to let go!

It is unhealthy, it is not spiritual and it is not productive to dwell on the past… Move on!
Lots of love,


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  1. Well done, the Sent Nurse.

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