Are you in LOVE? …… with you?

Are you in LOVE? …… with you?

Hello friend! Thank God for the month of January that ended few days ago! For me, it has been “so far, so good…” it has been a month of learning and taking actions. I am interested in knowing how January was for you. Please, if you don’t mind, share with me in the comment section.

Also, I hope you have learnt something from the series on unhealthy habits. Did I hear a ‘Yes’? Oh great! Then, please leave a comment. Which of the habits could you easily relate with? Which one(s) did you improved on? And which are you still working on or seem insurmountable? I’ll be very happy to hear from you and reply you.

To wrap it up today, i will be sharing on the chief of all the unhealthy habits we have previously talked about. Once you get rid of this, everything else will follow. I guess you are wondering what that is…


The MAJOR unhealthy habit you need to ditch is;


Yes, you read it right! The greatest asset you have is YOU (yourself), and the most valuable asset is your health

You might need to pause and ask yourself, ‘Do I really love *insert your name*?’ If you love yourself and you value your health, you will never take your health for granted or handle it carelessly. Practices such as drug abuse, skipping meals, adding unnecessary weight to the point of being overweight/obese, not going for regular screening, having premarital/extra marital unprotected sex, snacking on junk food/carbonated drinks etc. only go to show how little the love you have for yourself.

The proof of your love to yourself is in the care and attention you give yourself especially your body at every given time.

It is not a crime to love YOU and show it. As a matter of fact, it is necessary! Care for yourself by curbing the unhealthy habits I mentioned in the earlier posts (you can read by searching for UNHEALTHY HABITS) and by treating yourself well. Seek medical attention when necessary (do not self-medicate as a habit); eat balanced meals with lots of fruits and vegetables; create time to rest and ease your stress; learn to say no when you have to (you need to serve yourself first before you can serve others); get enough sleep; be active!

Before you go, please remember to share with me, what you have learnt so far from this series.

I wish you an amazing and love filled  February.


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Adenike Oladimeji.


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