Hello sweets,
hope you’ve been good? Welcome to July, I wish you a month full of blessings.
Oh yeah, it is very cool to be beautifully cute and pretty in fact, spend money on quality make-up kits/cosmetics, skin care products etc. because your appearance matters.
But more than the pretty face and good physical appearance the society and most especially your future /life partner want to see whose presence you carry spiritually (your spiritual content). How is your spirit and your heart? Are you kind? Do you have values that worth partnering with? How is your character and attitude? Are you a peacemaker or troublemaker?
What’s your quota to your family, community, friends, and your husbands or husband-to-be.?
If you enter the relationship based on your attractiveness only, it can’t sustain you in the marriage. Need will arise for you to make tangible contributions and decisions, meanwhile, men likes a woman they can rub minds with, those that can give meaningful ideas, women with creative and critical thinking.
Get yourself equipped, as you buy cosmetics, get relevant books, learn vocational skills, and be business minded. If beauty alone can sustain marriage, beautiful models, singers, and actresses should be the happiest wives on the surface of earth.
Have ever wonder, why do some husbands divorce their beautiful wives for house maids? Well, from my findings I got to know that most house girls has virtues that most girls/ladies doesn’t have… while they are busy taking care of their skin and pretty face, house girls were in the process of making, of course they don’t have money to beautify the external, but they had strength and skills! They became humble under due and thorough trainings.
We spend hours at the salon/cosmetologist shops as if that’s all that matter! While housemaids make food/snacks and set the table for our husbands and kids…
And to our men, if you are still thinking that a reasonable and ambitious woman will choose a man with six packs/ well-built muscles / nice haircut and a cool face over a man that’s kind, godly, good thinker, hardworking and any other good virtues, then you need to wake up from your dream… not all women cherishes the outward appearance! It fades as you age!
There has to be more to you than your pretty face and sexy shape, babe. Be Equipped!!!
The question we should ask is “what is/are your criteria(s) when considering who to marry?”
Your comments and contributions are welcome….
Do have a lovely week
Adenike Oladimeji


  1. Adenike Adewuyi July 3, 2016 at 5:02 pm

    Is this man a child of God. Does He know God and work with Him? Bcos the heart of a man is desperately wicked and only God know a TRUE FRIEND and PATNER. Does he have a good relationship with plp around him? Only God can make a man and a suitable helper for him.

  2. MORE TO YOU THAN THE PRETTY FACE are very good and informative.

    These exercises defeated snoring and sleep-apnea the very first night.
    Good night and sweet repose! 🙂

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