My encounter with Lade Pt 1

I met Lade about 6 months ago while on duty, she walked into the clinic and courteously asked that I see her outside. In my nursing practice experience, I have figured that anytime a lady asks to see me outside the clinic, it is usually something related to sexually transmitted infection or urinary tract infection. My guess was right! She started describing to me how that she always felt a really painful burning sensation when peeing, a lower abdominal pain, a strong and persistent urge to urinate, and a very small amount of urine that smelt really bad.

It was a concern for her and she couldn’t bear it at that time again, I asked her few other questions after which I told her to visit a laboratory for proper tests to be carried out for proper diagnosis. Guess what! She rejected it because she didn’t want to go wait on a queue at the lab while jobs are piling up on her desk at work.

And because we were in an official environment, I didn’t stress it…
I entered the clinic and gave her some antibiotics and pain killers for fast relief .

After 3 days she came back rejoicing because the symptoms had gone down and she was really relieved. She asked if she could stop the medication, I said no, you have to finish it…
She said no wahala, she bought me a really fat lunch in appreciation… Yes she did, and I enjoyed it. Lol. I didn’t forget to counsel her on maintaining good personal and feminine hygiene.

Few weeks ago, she showed up at the clinic again… What do you think her problem is this time around? Can you even guess what her diagnosis was the first time she came ?

Have you at any point had any of her kind of symptoms ? How did you go about it? Kindly read, and comment in the box! I will be back shortly with the rest of the story!


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Adenike Oladimeji.

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  1. This symptom resurface again

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