Hey! It’s been a while since my last post, so lets dust the cobwebs in here…

First, can I still wish you happy new year? Well I guess so!

How is the new year coming up? For me, I am still on holiday and I won’t be resuming until 4th of January. So I said, let me quickly reach out to my people here.

I know a lot of us has our new year resolutions and we still have the energy to pursue them (that is if we keep the fire burning beyond 15th of January).

By the way, if you set goals for every area of your life without considering a goal in the area of your health, best, believe me, you have not set balanced goals. I am saying this because, without good health, every other thing will be on hold! Good health is your life’s greatest asset guys.

If at all you didn’t set a goal for your health and well-being, I am sure you are aware of those habits that are injurious to your health (if not now, maybe much later in life) and you need to break those habit in this year!

I know you are saying to yourself; I don’t have any bad habit because you don’t smoke or drink? Well, bad health habits transcend that. Some other ones include; not getting enough sleep, skipping breakfast, poor stress management, snacking on junks, holding your pee for long, not drinking adequate water etc. I know by now you can name them, lol.

I know someone will be saying to him/herself that those habits are part of life and you can’t do anything about them! Well, let me shock you; you learned those habits and ”if it was learned, it can be unlearned”. You can break those habits! 

If you are interested in dealing with those bad health habits before they deal with you, kindly read a post on it here.

Meanwhile, my first gift of the year to my blog readers is 1-hour FREE HEALTH COACHING session for the first 5 people that can reach out to me on WhatsApp before 6:00 PM Nigeria time on Sunday evening.

Just like you, one of my new year resolutions is to stay consistent with my blog post and offer help to people with my contents throughout the year(may God help me ) lol.

P. S One of the major habits you need to adopt is to eat right. I know it’s quite difficult, understanding the complexities of a Nigerian meal. This is why I have designed a healthy and solid Nigerian meal timetable for you. 

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Lots of love,

Adenike Oladimeji (TSN)

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  1. thank you so much for this, I have learned something

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