Hello friends, it is wellness Wednesday here!

I woke up on Monday morning to the news of another Lassa fever outbreak in Nigeria which had killed 2 doctors and with one male nurse in quarantine. Then opening my chat room in the evening, I read that we lost a professional colleague to the fever (such a painful thing).

I hadn’t planned a write-up on this topic, but given the need for information regarding the recurrent Lassa fever outbreak, I had to pen down my thoughts.

So, let us talk about Lassa Fever…

Lassa fever is an infection/illness that occurs predominantly in West Africa and is caused by the Lassa Virus. This virus can be contacted/spread by rats/rodents, contact with body fluids of an infected person or any household object/food that has been contaminated.

The infection manifests as fever, headache, sore throat, chest pain, muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhea, swelling of the face, then in severe cases bleeding from the mouth/nose/vagina.So in case you suspect an abrupt onset of any of the above symptoms, please seek medical attention immediately.

But as you know, prevention is better than cure (It is not just a slogan. It is true). You can avoid falling prey to some medical conditions/illnesses by taking simple precautionary steps which are very affordable and most times cost next to nothing.

If you recall from my previous three to four posts, there are unhealthy habits you need to break in order to maintain good health. Few of the unhealthy habits you need to break in order to prevent you and your household from Lassa fever are:

  • POOR HAND WASHING HYGIENE: There are couple of things you can avoid just by washing your hands regularly such as after using the toilet, after returning from the market, after a visit to the hospital/clinic, after cleaning the room or touching pets.

It is recommended that you wash your hands under running water and with soap (preferably antiseptic).

  • POOR ENVIRONMENTAL HYGIENE: We all know what happens when the room/environment is dirty? It gives room for the growth of insects and opens the room/environment for the invasion of rats/rodents. Regular cleaning of the room/environment is highly recommended in the prevention of viral/bacterial infections.
  • PILING OF USED PLATES: Do not store up used plates (this is dirtiness at its peak). This practice would breed flies and invite rodents to your home. Stop it!

I wrote a very interesting post on the importance of personal hygiene a while ago. You can read it here, it is still very relevant.

PS: Do not hesitate to report any suspected case and do not touch any suspected person’s body fluids.

To my professional colleagues, please do not let down your guard at any point on duty. Stay protected, using all the safety precautions and safety measures.

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