Happy weekend peeps, how are you doing? I’m doing pretty good and thanks for your comments and contributions on my last post…
I posted about spiritual and physical dehydration last weekend, in case you missed the post check it here.

I had few people who sent questions to my mail about the post and I want to answer those question as the spirit lead.
The question was; I get tired when studying and sometimes I get bored… what can I do?
My answer (how it has been working for me and few things the Holy Spirit dropped into my heart);
Water is tasteless, personally I don’t like taking water, and the reason is simple! For a young believer or someone who is a beginner in bible study, it might be a little bit boring and you may want to quit. Don’t quit, just try these steps, and let the Holy Spirit do the teaching… let’s see what follows!
I will be relating it as I did in the previous post.
• To stay hydrated physically, Keep your water bottle handy (if it’s next to you, you can always sip without you realizing it)… to stay hydrated spiritually, get a small handy Bible that you can carry around/download Bible app on your gadgets (you can open it anytime).
• Physically, you can spice up plain water(in case you don’t like plain water like me) add splash of fruit juice or fresh fruits into your water… spiritually, you can get messages/tapes, download it on your gadget for easy access, get spiritual songs, get different versions of Bible, KJV can be technical! Change your quiet time routines, SPICE IT UP!
• Don’t wait until you are thirsty, drink water often… don’t wait till you feel like reading/studying the bible, create time to study!
• Make over your snacks “swap those dry snacks with refreshing munchies like fresh fruits, frozen fruits et al… likewise, swap those friends with dirty languages with friends that encourages and uplifts you spiritually (iron sharpens iron). Swap those TV stations that shows porns/half-naked humans with godly documentaries and faith building TV stations.
• Take water in between meals…. Don’t forsake the gathering of brethren, go to Bible study.
Remember to talk to your health care giver if dehydration persists… Jesus is the greatest physician, talk to Him! You can talk to your spiritual fathers, mentor et al!
I hope this helps someone to stay hydrated physically and spiritually!

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0 thoughts on “RE-HYDRATION THERAPY”

  1. Great post and I had an even better read. More ink to ur pen, more feathers to ur cap and more wisdom dearie.

  2. Availability stimulates useability. Thank God this wholly blessing in form of word is available for us. Without doubt you’re a blessing to this generation

  3. But he answered and said,
    “It is written, Man shall not live by bread
    alone, but by every word that
    proceedeth out of the mouth of God”. –
    Matthew 4:4

  4. Akande Olukemi May 23, 2016 at 5:30 am

    This is quite inspiring and it has addressed some personal issues that needed attention in my dehydrated spiritual life. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great posts! Nice audience connection!
    Believe it, you are touching lives!
    Keep doing this and you are sure going places!

  6. Nice one
    Really really nice
    Have learnt from this again
    May God cont to bless u ma

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