Hey guys, hope you are good? I’ve been good.
Today, I’d be replying these questions I received after my last post.
The questions: “are you really a nurse? And I hope you are not as promiscuous as other nurses?”

i am a nurse

i am a nurse

I’ve heard it couple of times that nurses are this and that, so I am going to be correcting some of our wrong perception about Nurses.
Anyone can be proud or a prostitute, irrespective of who you are or the profession you belong to. A banker/lawyer/engineer etc. can be a prostitute, it’s not about the profession, and it’s about the PERSON…who she is before she became a nurse!
Oh yeah, we were taught the anatomy of the male and female reproductive system, we were taught the preventive methods to avoid unwanted pregnancy but then that’s not a reason to be promiscuous! As a matter of fact in Nigeria today a girl/woman that has never being to any school of nursing knows a lot about the preventions even more than the professionals…
And yes, we go on night duty but how is that related to being promiscuous? I have been on night duty with just a doctor on call and we went about our businesses, we aren’t idle as you think, meanwhile, he is married while I’m single but that doesn’t give room for any sexual acts! Oh am I saying something like that will/has not happen between a nurse and a doctor? No, but that should only tell you that, that kind of person will lie to her husband she is going somewhere and she will go and meet concubine… it is not the profession, it’s the PERSON! Stop tagging NURSING! STOP TAGGING ALL NURSES, TAG THE PERSON! She is HERSELF before she became a nurse!
I am a nurse, but I am EXCEPTIONAL!!!
Real men marry nurses… we make good and supportive wives, caring mothers, great in-laws and loving friends!
Next time you hear a man saying that nurses are promiscuous, tell him/her that it’s not the profession, it is the person!!!
Nurse are great,
Nurses are caring,
We care for the total man!
Nurses care for patients but who cares about Nigerian Nurses?

Nurse Oladimeji

Nurse Oladimeji

Nurse Oladimeji

0 thoughts on “SHE IS A NURSE”

  1. Seriously Nurses are great, always busy and never idle and would forever continue to stand out…..Am proud to be ONE!!!

  2. Nurses are great and some of us care about them. Only if they could make their families their first hand patients, then everybody would care about them too!

  3. Nurse Agboola June 17, 2016 at 3:07 pm

    I like the point that even if you encounter a nurse that happens to be promiscous,its abt her personality nt the profession…The higher instistutions is filled with Animashahun(s)…that doesn’t make all female student a prosstitute

  4. First of all nice write up. Anybody can be anything your profession has nothing to do with your negative make up. Nursing builds one into becoming a better individual. Not the other way round.

  5. Akande Olukemi June 18, 2016 at 12:55 am

    Nice article, well done Nike.
    Nigerian Nurses are very busy @ their duty posts, they hardly have time for self talk less of romantic relationship with a dr or patient. Being promiscuous has nothing to do with your profession, it’s your choice and personality. Most times these allegations are not evidence based but mere speculation

  6. Adenike Adewuyi June 18, 2016 at 8:16 pm

    We are nurses called by God to care for humanity. Have met a brother to my friend who says meeting me as a nurse changed his perspective abt nurses b4 he thought nurses are prostute. Any man that marry a professional nurse ti sorire. He will never regret it. I Have no regret that am a Nurse

  7. Yes been a prostitute is not the profession but personality.

  8. What u are before u come into any profession may not change even wen u get into d profession and nursing is not an exemption..

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