Hey guys, I hope you are have been good?

Quite a number of people offended me while I was growing up, I was abused physically and emotionally, verbal abuse was not left out too! But mehn, I don’t live in that corner again, I’m restored! Do you want to be restored? FORGIVE THEM AND MOVE ON!!!Forgive

It is true that that an abuse (whether physically, verbally or emotionally) is painful and it’s not easy to let go or forgive.

Yes, it was painful (we know) but you can’t continue to hold them in your heart.

A group of eminent physician said “the two emotions that contribute most to physical illness are ANGER and UNFORGIVENESS, because over time they release toxins into your body and they start eating you up !there is freedom

Meanwhile, unforgiveness hinders the flow between you and God. As it is written in “Mark 11:25- if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him so that your father in heaven may forgive you”. If you remember the countless of times God has forgiven you, it won’t be difficult for u to forgive others. They offended you, yes! If it’s possible (if they are within reach and still alive) :

  • Talk to them at the right time, right place and right approach
  • Don’t revenge… revenge is of the Lord! Let God worry about the wrongs you have suffered.
  • Let it go… don’t dwell on it, God will handle them as He handled Job’s friends that abused him…don’t quench your life in bitter feuding, live renewed in love and joy!
  • Pray for them! ( hard abi? U think) yes it is difficult, God will give you strength to do so. Pray for those that offended you, I tell you it’s one of the sure way to be restored! Job was an example “Job prayed for his friends and he was restored, yes he got back in two folds of what he used to have! Job42:10”

Many are sick and their diseases can’t be diagnosed medically, unforgiveness and bitterness resides in the nook/cranny of their heart. Let it go!

Take time out this weekend and have a blast!


                                    Yours truly,

                                    Adenike Oladimeji



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