Are you in LOVE? …… with you?

Loving yourself first is the basis of how you care for you and others.


Do you have back ache?

Guess What!! I had one of the most stressful weekends you can ever wish not to have. 😂But, the good news is that, my stressful weekend inspired this post... So, I started feeling a serious back ache on Friday night/Saturday, and as a medical personnel, I decided to conduct a research about it. I found out … Continue reading Do you have back ache?

Why Self medication is Dangerous?

Hello there! It has been a while here (and that is because this site is currently under construction). How have you been? If you will ask me, I have been good! just a bit occupied. Gradually, this month is running to an end (just like a dream). Well, I hope you still have the fire … Continue reading Why Self medication is Dangerous?