what do complex carbohydrates mean

A very good example of complex carbohydrate is one of our staple food in Nigeria...Rice!!!



If I may ask, why do you eat whenever you eat? For a while, whenever I eat, I am eating to quench hunger, satisfy my cravings, trying to get strength and keep moving … I can bet these are similar to your reasons too (lol). While those reasons are not bad reasons to eat, that’s … Continue reading YOUR DIET AND YOUR MENTAL WELLBEING


Tell me you have never had boils and I will say congratulations to you. While growing up, up until my early twenties, I used to have boils at almost every part of my body and I can tell you how painful and annoying it could be. If you've had this experience before, I'm sure you … Continue reading HOME REMEDIES FOR TREATING BOILS

Natural/home remedies for treating cough

With the recent issue of cough syrup abuse by so many people (mostly young adults/teenagers) that resulted in the ban of cough syrup produced by one of the top pharmaceutical company and the rise in resistance to antibiotics there is need for us to consider treating some medical conditions with home/natural remedies! Read the full post...

Top 10 Diseases Killing Nigerian Women – Protect Yourself

In this article, we are looking at the top 10 diseases killing Nigerian women and what they can do to protect themselves. 1. Obstetric hemorrhage This is the number one cause of maternal mortality in Nigeria. Statically, Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) ranges from 166-1549 per 100 000 live births with a national average of about … Continue reading Top 10 Diseases Killing Nigerian Women – Protect Yourself

Pregnant Mothers has the key to eradicate chronic disease

Most chronic diseases experienced in adulthood originated from the kind of nutritional habit in the first 1,000 days of their life. The period was a unique window of opportunity to prevent these diseases. The first 1,000 days of life, from pregnancy to a child’s second birthday, if not properly taken care of, is irreversible and could lead to the development of chronic diseases later in life.