Hey peeps, I hope you’ve been good,

I’ve actually being good, serving humanity.

Words alone can’t be enough to appreciate you guys for the love showed to me on my birthday… the wishes, prayers, calls and sms made my day a sweet one, thanks!

I just changed my place of work and yes it is like a new world entirely.

Per adventure you’re not aware, I am A NURSE….. I resumed some weeks back and it has been good and I am adapting.

I resumed on a Monday, well dressed in my white uniform and Cap (complete dress for a REGISTERED NURSE, if you are not in scrub), but to my surprise, the Nurses I met there are all my senior colleagues but none of them uses CAP. The Medical Director and other staff (non-nursing) appreciated and saluted me for dressing completely.

More so, they are all addressed by their first names, meanwhile, it is professional to be addressed Formally and officially with your Surname being a Registered Nurse and not a Quack, e.g. it should be Nurse Oladimeji NOT Nurse Adenike. So I stood my ground and told them I want to be addressed professionally and officially, and they all abide. If you dress professionally, you should be addressed professionally. Of course, they tagged me as being proud but I can’t afford to lose professionalism because I want to familiarize and feel among.

I even asked 2 of my colleagues why they allowed them to be addressed by their first names, she said “when you are in Rome, behave like Romans”… compromising standard because you in a private setting? nah!

I don’t mind standing alone, so far I’m standing right. Wherever you are, you don’t need to compromise in order to feel among or familiarize. Know the standard and act accordingly.

Don’t be afraid to stand alone, just make sure you’re standing rightly.

Do have enjoy the rest of the week ahead. I LOVE YOU.


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