Hi there, by now you all know I love FRIDAYS 🙈 so thank God it’s Friyayyy 💃💃💃

I really hope you had a great week, I did because the week went so fine and fast!

OK! Majority of us set some goals to be achieved by the end of 2017 but one way or the other (probably because it was really out of your control or you were limited by external factors) some/few of us could not meet the set goal(s).

But in my search, I discovered that one of the reasons people don’t get to meet their set goals/target is INDECISION 😱

Yes, indecision is a distraction and could be a hinderance to meeting target(s)

We all know what indecision is the state of being unable to make a choice over a very long period of time.

Some didn’t accomplish set goal( for example, someone who planned to get married latest by December 2017, but still has difficulty making up his/her mind to chose one out of all the available suitors/babes) , in this case, he/she obviously wont be able to chose right or achieve this goal by now.

We all could be confused at a point but it is not meant to be for a long time.

Indecision is an illusion, mental illness at that.

People who have difficulty making choices or decide are probably manifesting a symptom of a mental disorder that is being called dependent personality disorder

According to , and the only recommended treatment for such is a psychotherapy which involves through counseling by experts .

This is few days to 2018, if you do not want to have the same regret(s) this time next year, do the needful. If you need help, seek it! 

It is not enough to set goals, what steps are you taking towards achieving it ? 

We all have the potentials to meet our set targets but we would only be able to perform if we know and tackle our limitations .

Do not allow this weekend pass you by, if you need to let go of some relationships, people, behaviors, attitude etc. Let it go , it is going to be a new chapter/phase/dawn.

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