Home Remedies for treating Diarrhea

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I started talking about home remedies for few medical conditions and I already wrote 2 already which are ‘ home remedies for treating ulcer home remedies for ulcer , kindly check it in case you missed it!
Today, I will be discussing home remedies for treating diarrhea!
I want to believe you all know what diarrhea is and I know it can be a bit irritating, disturbing and tiring to be going in and out of the rest room.

However, diarrhea in itself is not a medical condition but a sign that something is not well or about to go wrong in your digestive system (e.g maybe you consumed something or there is an infection due to bacteria/viral invasion).
I hate diarrhea and I like to stop it as fast as possible but sometimes, it is advisable to allow it pass so as to get rid of the causative agent but in this case, one would need to eat bland diet, drink plenty of water or oral rehydrating solution so as to regain lost fluid and electrolytes.

Meanwhile, if it is as a result of an ongoing infection, one would have to talk to a healthcare provider in order to be properly evaluated and get the necessary antibiotics.
However, there are few steps you can take at home to relief diarrhea:
Banana: Not the overripe ones
Eat White Rice: Plain white rice without sauce does the magic! Eat it in bits until you notice a change! It helps to hold the digestive system.

Apple Sauce: Peel the apples, boil for few mins, blend and add little lemon juice to it (sugar is optional). Take it as tolerated in bits, it also contain pectin that helps in stopping rapid bowel movement
Toast and Tea: preferably wheat bread for the toast and a decaffeinated black tea (to give you strength during this period)

Honey Again: Yes, honey is like a cure to almost everything! Add about 4 spoons of honey to warm water and drink it cool! The sweetness of honey doesn’t interfere with its medicinal property. Try it!
Apple Cider Vinegar: This one is a super duper antibiotic because it has antibiotic property that can help in the treatment of diarrhea as a result of a bacterial infection. It also contains pectin (this helps to reduce rapid bowel movement), hence; stopping the diarrhea bouts.

Generally, drink adequate water and eat foods that won’t further irritate your bowel during this time!
Did I miss anything out? Share any home remedy you have used in the past and let me know the one you are likely to try/recommend in case of future occurrences. I look forward to reading from you.
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Adenike Oladimeji.

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